8 Fall Favorites Making Me Happy Right Now

I made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to a bullet journal I will never start. These monthly favorites posts are as close to a #BuJo as I am going to get. I do these types of posts for myself, but I truly do hope you enjoy them too.

These fall favorites include beauty and lifestyle things that have made life easier or more enjoyable for me in September and October.

Thrive Causemetics CC Cream

I haven’t been wearing foundation because I wear a mask the entire time I’m working. Sometimes, I wear a mask for up to 12 hours. I’ve seriously simplified my getting ready routine and this CC cream is a key part of it.

I apply the Thrive Causemetics CC Cream with my fingers to achieve 3 things at once: SPF, hydration and coverage. For being a CC cream, it has great coverage actually. See my original review here.

I wear Light most of the time, Light Medium I have a spray tan.

True + Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer

Similar to the Urban Decay setting spray, for the longest time, I felt that Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden was the only eye primer that actually did anything.

Well, color me mistaken because I like the True + Luscious Angel Eyes primer just as much, if not more, thanks to it’s squeeze tube packaging and $2 lower price point.

Trader Joes Almond Cleansing Oil

I love cleansing oils for the face, but had never tried them on my body. I didn’t know if an oil could make me feel as clean as a bar of soap. I absolutely love the feel of this and the scent isn’t overpowering almond at all really. It reminds me of something fancy and French, with a hint of Johnson’s baby shampoo for pleasant nostalgia.

It leaves me feeling clean and moisturized, but not oily. Get it in your shower. Get it on your body. Stock up before the winter months because this one is going far beyond fall favorites.

Essence Lash Princess

I’d heard about this magical $5 mascara but it wasn’t until a senior picture client requested it, did I fully realize it’s power. Goodness gracious god almighty; this is amazing. Essence Lash Princess makes my lashes look insanely long.

Everyone I’ve recommended it to agrees. See the results in this dedicated Essence review I wrote HERE.

Non-Beauty Favorites


Liquid I.V. Energy 
Not only do I love this as a pre-workout, but I relied on it heavily to stay awake during a 5 day, overnight commercial shoot lately. It’s a good kind of clean energy, not a buzzing jittery feeling. If you like the taste of matcha, you’ll like it, but skip if you’re not a green tea fan.

The Headliner Pinot Grigio
I spotted this new wine at Target and was easily swayed by the palm tree on the bottle. I’m happy to report that the contents are equally enticing. This just might be my new favorite Pinot Grigio for under $10. Sorry Yellow Tail; there’s a new cutie assisting my Donald Trump hate tweeting now.

Duck Terrazzo EasyLiner Shelf Liner
I was once in a love affair with white marble, that slowly fizzled out and turned into a new romance with terrazzo instead. I used this to cover several surfaces in my new studio space and I honestly can’t believe how good it turned out.

I haven’t even told you the best part! This only costs $5.48 per roll! I got it at Wal-Mart.


Better Homes & Gardens Red Citrus

I saw via the internet that this is a dupe for the Capri Blue Volcano candle, which I’ve never smelled in my life. But I love a dupe and I now have a cat-free space (my studio) that I can burn candles in. I enjoy the fresh, multi-dimensional citrus scent and the double wicks.

I hope you enjoyed my fall favorites and are discovering some of your own!

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  • Lots of great ideas here. I have the Thrive CC cream and like it but I am just finding it hard to get excited about anything but basic moisturizer and SPF these days since I am always wearing a mask. I miss lipstick so much too!

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