Fall Makeup Look

This full face Fall makeup tutorial was inspired by a look I created on a client. One of my Instagram followers asked me to create a tutorial for it so here we are! Look upon my chubby smiling face. The photo below clearly says, “I’m very happy but I also like cheese and wine!”fall-face-6So hey, do you like this pink background? Good or gag? I ordered a gray one to film on too but I kind of like the pink to mix it up from white. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. So, onto the fall makeup stuff. I have different coloring and features than my client so it’s interesting to see how the same colors and products look on someone else. I always love a bronzey eye look so I loved doing this look. I am stuck in a bit of a light lid to dark corner fade so it was different keeping the lid itself a deeper shade. fall-face-4The Enchanting shade from my Savanah Jane line really seemed to pull this whole look together for me. I knew I wanted this color for myself when I chose it and I just love wearing it in fall makeup looks. fall-face-1 I hope you’ll watch the video to see how it all came together but if you do nothing else, please, for your the sheer betterment of your life, skip to the 25:30 mark. My husband makes an appearance and felt compelled to put my leather jacket on.



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