Favorite Aveda Products

What’s that lovely, spa-like scent? Must be ! This is the last day of their 20% off sale, you guys. Better stock up on your faves while ya can! Use code LOVE at checkout to score 20% off + free shipping. Today only, you also get a free full size which I use every night. The sale runs through midnight tonight, pacific time, so better get on it if you’re an fan. ALSO! It’s 4% cashback on Aveda’s site through Ebates.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying many  products through the years and there are a few standouts I want to share. I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments too! I applied this before blow drying in this post. It creates smoother, sleeker strands with no frizz factor. This is a great product for summer.

I recently started using this for my scalp issues and I like it. I talked more about it here.

This really is a magic potion! I love it for creating gritty texture and volume without back combing.

I don’t struggle with split ends myself but have seen this do amazing things for models on commercial shoots I do. It’s an instant fix and gives your hair a healthier appearance between cuts.

This brightening, hydrating mask set is awesome. I have been using the every night and the when I feel like my skin is looking dull. I reviewed them here.

This is my husband’s favorite hair product and I concur. I love the matte look it creates, it has great hold in his coarse hair and it smells masculine and wonderful.

This is a newer product that I’ve been really enjoying for protecting hair before heat styling but also calming frizz. I blogged about it here.

I eye rolled at these hard when I first got them but once I sprayed them, I was in love. I don’t believe in chakras necessarily but the essential-oil based scents are not only wonderful but long lasting! I love 3 because it smells kind of like a gin and tonic, very refreshing. I’ve been spraying these around the house and I’m shocked at how long the scent lingers.

I hope you get to take advantage of the sale and score some hair and skin treats for the summer!

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