Best Makeup Geek Shadows

You know the diagram that shows good, fast and cheap but you can never have all 3? Makeup Geek eyeshadows are the good and the cheap and speed is up to you. I use these shadows in my freelance kit because not only are they affordable, $6 each, but highly-pigmented, great quality, cruelty-free and paraben-free.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows are cruelty free versions of every popular MAC shadow color and there’s really no catch. They are sold in pan form so you can create your own palette with a Z palette or other magnetic surface.

Here are my 14 best Makeup Geek eyeshadows + swatches. I couldn’t narrow it down any further because of who I am as a person.

1. Creme Brûlée: Everyone is all up on Peach Smoothie but I’m telling you; this is the perfect transition color for your crease. I use this matte, warm peachy brown on every single person ever. I’ve gone through several.
2. Frappe: I love warming up a crease with this. It’s the rosy version of Creme Brûlée and is also matte.
3. Cocoa Bear: If you’re a warm brown fan, you’ll want to eat this delicious, matte shade.
4. Brown Sugar: I adore this russet shade with slight shimmer. I really love to blend a dark outer corner color inwards onto the lid with this.MUG-faves-5-8

5. Cherry Cola: This matte, burgundy brown will make green eyes fire but isn’t so red that it’s unwearable.
6. Americano: I adore this matte, deep brown. It can look almost purple at times, so just FYI but I love it on the outer corner, blended inwards.
7. Cinderella: This is a beautiful shimmery lid color for brides or just everyday.
8. Bada Bing: Don’t let the gold glitter in this deep bark brown scare you! It doesn’t really show up much but the deep black/brown is really saturated and nice for outer corner and lower lash line.

These are loose pigments that retail for $8.99. They can be a lil messy so watch for that but they’re worth it.
9. Afterglow: I live for this champagne gold pigment for adding metallic wow to the center of the lid. It has a good amount of sparkle so I love it on glam brides.
10. Sweet Dreams: This is the less sparkly, slightly more pink version of Afterglow. Honestly, there’s no reason to own both but I like to grab this for someone who isn’t a sparkle fan.MUG-faves-11-14

11. Cupcake: This matte, dusty pink is a romantic color that I like using to rosy up the edge of a crease color.
12. Cosmopolitan: This is one of the most unique shades and it’s so fun. I would describe it as a deepened rose gold shimmer. I love it on the lid. If you’re a MAC person, Expensive Pink is very similar.
13. Wild West: This is a newer Makeup Geek shadow and I love it. It’s a matte, semi-sweet chocolate shade, deeper than cocoa bear and hint less red. Gorgeous as a soft outer corner color in day time looks.
14. Tuscan Sun: This is another new shade that I scooped up right away. It’s a matte melon that is beautiful in the crease, especially for summer.

These are most-used neutrals in my kit really. If you could only grab 3, I’d say Creme Brûlée without a doubt, Cinderella and Americano.

afterglow-sweetdreamsLove both but if you could only have one, Afterglow is the one that gives you the most buh buh buh BAM effect.

These are the extra credit shades in addition to your basic neutrals. They are all on the rosier side, a tone that looks gorgeous on all eye colors. If you could only grab a couple, definitely go for Wild West and Cosmopolitan!

As always, I hope this post has been helpful to you. As you can see, I’m all about the warm neutral tones, but Makeup Geek has plenty of gorgeous cool tones and vivid shades too. You can’t beat the price for the quality and I think you’ll be totally happy with any of the Makeup Geek shadows! xoxo. Love you boos.


  • This women is unstoppable! She was obviously born to adorn! LOVE your reviews, they are always noteworthy and wise! ????

    • Yes! I still love Makeup Geek shadows! They are some of the best you can find for the price point, and in general!

  • I’ve ordered the cocoa bear and have been using it as my go to for years. I will order more soon! Love her, love the shades 😊

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