Favorite Met Gala Looks

met gala looks

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was punk. As you might imagine, this is a stylistic movement that can easily veer on terribly cliche.

However, there were some very well-executed looks and these are the makeup looks I felt embodied punk just right.
I like the concept of retaining some of the original “punk” makeup look like heavy liner and darkness, but steering clear of the expected black and silver combo.

Kristen Stewart
Despite her stinky facial expressions, I like Kristen Stewart’s look best. The cranberry eyeshadow is so perfect with her pale green eyes and the contrast is unexpected and jarring. I like the thin waterlining and tightlining with the black liner as well. If it were thickly done, this look would not have been as successful.

Rooney Mara
Rooney is a favorite actress of mine and she barely has to try to look punk because she just is. One of the few who could pull off a blackened purple lip shade like that. Pairing it with strong brows, minimal eye makeup and a slicked back do was perfectly punk.

Katy Perry
I loved the art history classes I took in college, particularly medieval art history. Katy Perry’s Byzantine look is well-executed and although it may not be traditionally punk, it’s cool. The black raspberry lip color is great on her and compliments her hair color. Katy was inspired by Joan of Arc, who she described as “the original punk.”

Cara Delevingne
This supermodel’s look would have been dull had it not been for the full brows, which I just love. The contrast of those black brows with her blond hair is dramatic enough to make a great punk impact. I also admire the subtle cheek contouring and pale mouth. Everything is in perfect balance.



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