February Favorites

It’s February in the Midwest, which means that I am contractually obligated to discuss/complain about the weather and make lame jokes about why do we live here again? hehehehe.

But I’m not gonna do that. You know why? Because we’re better than that. It’s boring. I’ve lived here my whole live and I honestly think it makes you tougher. Why talk about that when we could be talking about makeup and skincare?

Here’s what I’ve really enjoyed using in my beauty routine during the month of February.

Ok so this isn’t the most amazing eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used but the colors are so great, has a mix of mattes and shimmers, it’s easy to use and every time I wear it, people ooh la la. I keep reaching for lately for a reason.

Tell all y’alls legs, pits and…other things, that the shave game has been changed! This has special instructions above making sure you use hot water and making it into a lather first. It has this slippery silicone feel and gives me the legit best shave ever. I’m never going back to regular foams and creams.

I have been grabbing this a lot lately. For me, it’s such a perfect shade of pink and it just seems to perk up my wintry face. It smells nice and vanilla-y too.

Another CT product in the mix! I can’t help it. Almost all of it is amazing. Minus that foundation, ahem! Every single time I apply , which is almost everyday lately, I marvel at how beautiful, full and long my lashes look. It just looks like I’m wearing a pair of natural false lashes and it’s perfect. Well, not perfect. This formula definitely smudges-it’s only downfall. So I’ve been using on top and Glossier Lash Slick on the bottom which has proven to be a great combo.


Skinny Pop
Pretty much all I subsist on these days. Just kidding, but pretty close. I get the big bag of all the little bags and it’s just so good. 100 calories per bag bay-beeee!


Tiesta Tea Energizer Berry Jolt
I’m sure this will shift once summer returns and I get back on my iced coffee game but I’m not really feeling coffee lately. She aint’ doin it for me. I want a shirt that says #TeaBitch because I am.

Listening To

Actual photo of me listening to “country” music

Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour
A country album. I know. I. know. I promise; it’s still me.
I think this is technically country but honestly, it’s just pretty romantic music and I love it. Like, did I make Jake slow dance with me to Butterflies on Valentine’s Day? Maybe. Yes.


Actual actual photo of me wearing some of my asymmetrical earrings

Asymmetrical earrings
I’ve always worn two different earrings and that is 70% because I’m cool and 30% due to irresponsibility because I lose earrings all the time.
For real though; I’ve gotten some really good ones lately from Amazon.


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  1. CoffeeMamma

    03/01/2019 at 4:43 PM

    Skinny Pop is deliciousness, have youever tried Boom Chicka Pop?

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