Festival Beauty Products

I’ve talked about music festivals on this beauty blog before but it’s been a while. I really enjoy music in a live, festival-manner and I’ll be attending 1 day of Lollapalooza this weekend so I thought I’d share what I’m bringing with. I’ve chosen items that will endure the forecasted 93 degree Chicago weather. Hope this helps if you’re attending a festival in the sunshine too!

I love cream shadows for long-wear in hot temps and this one fits the bill. The shade Gig is a gorgeously flattering champagne-ish rose gold that kills on blue and green eyes. It has shimmer but not glitter so if like me, you’re a 34 year old woman sweating her way through a festival full of high schoolers, here ya be. Hotel Lobby is a shade lighter and would also be perf a lerf.

Glossier Lash Slick
The  main strong point of this mascara is, without a doubt, it’s longevity. It will not flake, budge or smudge. I won’t have to wipe away a thing, guaranteed.

Glossier Invisible Shield
SPF is an NN, (non-negotiable) so you know I’m bringing that. I really like this one for the face because it wears perfectly under makeup, doesn’t feel oily and smells nice.

Despite my hair stylist friend insisting these are nothing more than key rings (false, Stacy! FALSE!) I live for them. I love how they keep my thick, heavy hair up and away but leave NO DENTS and cause NO PAIN.

I love these multipurpose sticks because they apply like a cream and set to a more powder-like finish so there’s no stickiness. They can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. I have shades Cashew and Papaya. Cashew is a nice rosy nude that I like for eyes and cheeks while Papaya is a brighter shade, for lips and an extra punch of color on the center of the cheek.

Can’t have enough SPF for a long day in the sun, plus this sets your makeup. I need that setting power so that if I dance like a mad woman (hint: I will), my makeup won’t become a slip n’ slide sitch.

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