FLOWER Beauty Review

flower-headerBy the time I die, I hope to have tried every makeup brand there ever was. #LifeGoals. Whenever there’s a brand that I don’t have an opinion on, simply for lack of experience, I think to myself, “Oh no. I won’t stand for this!” Sometimes, it results in me throwing on my warmest ankle-length parka, trekking across frozen tundras (Des Moines suburbs) and journeying to forbidden lands (Wal-Mart) to obtain precious cargo. The cargo this time was FLOWER Beauty products!

I had definitely heard of FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore. I never shop at Wal-Mart, where it’s exclusively sold, so I had never played with it. I recently saw an interview with Drew on Jimmy Fallon and loved what she said about growing up in a makeup chair and wanting to give women great quality products they could afford. So it was off to the land of WTF and here’s what I came home with!

Glow Baby Glow Blush/Bronze Duo, shown in Shimmering Goddess
First thing’s first-this isn’t shimmery at all. Despite the name, I examined this very carefully and there isn’t a speck of sparkly. I bought it because it looked matte actually. This is the darkest of the 4 duos. Little tip: when buying drugstore products, you’ll likely find they lack in pigment so buy a darker shadow or blush color than you think! I was very impressed with this. The blush is really pretty and natural and the bronzer is not orangey. I actually used this product for a really cool upcoming Divine Caroline tutorial, using the bronzer on the model’s eyes and to contour, then the blush on cheeks and lips! It was pretty amazing that it was one product in the end result! The texture is great-not too powdery, not too chalky and they blend pretty well too!



Eye 2 Eye Eye Marker & Volumizing Mascara, shown in Midnight Bloom
I grabbed this because I love the idea of a multi-tasking product that could dramatize a day look super quick! But I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? The bad news? Ok. Either the product I got was dried out or the mascara end is about as worthless as they come. I honestly had to double check that it wasn’t clear because it literally looked as though I was applying nothing. I have no idea what the deal was but I was surprised at just how bad it was. The good news is that I LOVE the felt tip liner side! Even though I got the color Midnight Bloom, again, I had to double check that it wasn’t Black because it was black to me? The color is super intense and rich and this is actually easier to apply than some of my thinner felt tip liners. The wear is decent, but nothing amazing. I just enjoy the deep, inky quality of this and simply will forget the mascara end ever existed!



Nail’d It Nail Lacquer, shown in Berry Begonia
I saw this color and knew it needed to be mine. It was precisely the Fall/Winter oxblood/burgundy shade I was looking for. I used 2 coats and a top coat and I was pretty impressed with the wear. Better than average for sure. The color was rich and the formula was a good consistency and applied easily! Win!

Overall, I’m definitely impressed with the line. I want to try some of the lip products next! You will be the first to know when I do.

Fun question: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at Wal-Mart? Just wondering.

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  1. Ashley

    12/04/2014 at 10:52 AM

    That felt tip liner looks intriguing- bummer about the mascara, though.
    Great review- I’m never at WM, but maybe I need to venture over and check out Flower. 🙂


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