Gift Guide: Beauty Gadgets

If you know someone who loves their beauty routine as much as their tech gear, you can appeal to both with beauty gadgets. I’m a sucker for a fancy gadget, especially if it promises anti-aging and clear skin. Am I right or am I right? Check out the following ones I’ve picked out to wow the beauty and tech-obsessed.

FOREO Luna I’ve used one of these for many years and I still love it as much as the day I got it. It cleanses and exfoliates gently and needs charged basically never. Seriously-maybe twice a year? Don’t get a Clarisonic; get this.

Glamcor Riki Mirror If you don’t have good lighting, you may as well skip makeup because it’s risky business. This mirror not only provides even lighting but has a magnifying and iPhone mount attachment. Selfies bout to get lit.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device Let’s just get it out of the way-this is not a sex toy. I don’t own one of these but it utilizes micro current technology which I’ve had a facial with. My face really had a lifted, glowing appearance afterwards and I would love to have some micro current power of my own at home!

Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device I’ve been shaving my face with a small eyebrow razor for years to eliminate hair but there’s a better way, come to find! This is basically an at-home dermplaning device, dermaplaning being the act of removing the top layer of dead skin cells to exfoliate, removing hair in the process too. I had dermaplaning done professionally during a facial and I prefer to keep it in the pro’s hands, but many of my readers are licensed estheticians who would probably be a master with this.

Mini beauty fridge Most random item on the list, huh? As with many skincare practices, Koreans are ahead of us. Did you know that many Korean women actually have tiny refrigerators to store their beauty products? This helps with both shelf life and cooling effects of certain skincare. It makes sense being that many products are comprised when exposed to warm, steam-filled bathroom environments. As a bonus, you can score string cheese or other small snacks in here to live your best life.

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz I believe in the power of LED light therapy and this small but mighty devices delivers it. The red light side is for anti-aging and the blue is for combating breakouts.

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