Is the Glossier Hand Cream a dream or a dud?

I’m always excited when Glossier puts out new products. They seem to listen to what the community wants, and usually, they deliver.

Glossier launched their Hand Cream in March, first sending 10,000 units to U.S. healthcare workers. I love the way they’ve stepped up, not only during the pandemic, but the Black Lives Matter movement.

Glossier Hand Cream, $18


This feels like a soft touch mini-flask. I like the flat profile for storing in drawers or a purse. It’s supposed to be ergonomic and easy to open single handedly. However, I find it’s hard to squeeze out after the first few uses.


Ingredient profile-wise, the Glossier Hand Cream contains oils rich in fatty acids like Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. The most unique property is what Glossier calls Glycofilm Pollustop, said to form a second-skin-like film protecting the skin.


The Hand Cream scent is described as the signature Glossier You, reimagined. I wear You and love it, often getting compliments from strangers. However, yes, there’s a however, it’s more like You turned up to 12.

I find the scent far too strong and not quite as soft as the You fragrance. I only wear this hand cream to bed because I know it would be way too intense for many of my makeup clients.


The hydration factor is what I like most about the Glossier Hand Cream. It really does soften and nourish dry hands and keep them that way.

Overall Impression

I like a lot of hand creams, and I like them better than this. I prefer the ones featured in this post to the Glossier Hand Cream.

I hope this helps you in your purchasing decisions and I appreciate you reading!

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