Glossier Lidstar Review

Among other things, eyeshadow is one of the products people have been begging Glossier for. Staying true to the minimalist Glossier vibe, I was excited to see them do a liquid/cream shadow formula as I find those to be the most user-friendly and effortless to apply.

When you have a cream or liquid shadow in a flattering shade with a great formula, you can create such a simple, fresh, one shadow look with few artistry skills required. Is Glossier Lidstar the key to the chic, one shadow look? Read on.

From top
Fawn: a silvery, purple taupe. I would categorize this as a cool tone shade, nice for a smoky eye look. This was first seen on Beyonce at the Grammy’s and was the shade Glossier automatically sent to me when it launched. For my cool tone eyes, I would have not chosen this shade. However, I’d like to try it over a black cream shadow base for a super smudgy, dramatic eye.

Moon: I was hoping this was the perfect, everyday champagne shimmer. It really isn’t because it has a strange, frosty blue shift to it. I like it for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone but it’s not necessarily the everyday ivory shimmer I was hoping for. Bummed.

Cub: This is my favorite shade by far as it’s exactly what it looks like-a flattering rose gold. It looks really beautiful with blue or green eyes and is the shade I hoped for. It seems to be the most pigmented of the shades I’ve tried as well.
Wearing Lidstar in Cub, Stretch Concealer in Light, Boy Brow in Brown, Cloud Paints in Dusk and Beam, Generation G in Zip and Cake, Lip Gloss.

Shade Range 7/10
While I think there are flattering shades for most skin tones, I would have still liked a true bronze. Fawn isn’t it and Cub is rose gold.

Pigment 6/10
These are far more sheer than I expected. When applied with a flat brush and layered, you can get a bit better payoff but I wish these were more pigmented out of the gate.

Formula 7/10
The formula reminds me very much of Glossier’s Cloud Paint in consistency. I really like that these can be mixed together for custom shades. They dry down with no stickiness and crease minimally.

Wear 8/10
I didn’t experience any fading but a few shimmer specks on my face by the end of the day.

Packaging 8/10
I really love the little test tubes. The doe foot applicator is quite easy to work with and I love that the packaging is transparent, allowing you to instantly see the colors.

Value 7/10
Glossier products are pretty modestly priced and Lidstar is no exception at $18 each or $30 for 2.

Overall Score: 72%
See Lidstar in action in my Glossier full face tutorial video.

What I like
  • Easy of use
  • Non-sticky feel
  • Blends out easily without any special skills
  • Can layer and mix for custom shades
What I don’t
  • Very sheer formula with low pigment
  • Lacking core colors like bronze or champagne
Do I recommend Glossier Lidstar?
I recommend Cub but not the other shades so far. Fawn and Moon were disappointments and that bums me out to say. I do still want to try Lily and maybe Slip and experiment with more mixing.If you want to try Lidstar or any of the other Glossier products, make sure to shop my link here.

Thank you for reading, my Glossier loving pals!




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