Glossier Review, Part 2

Beauty brands come with their own unique vibes. Some evoke luxury while others evoke youth and cheekiness. Brands like Glossier bring all the cool, all the time. Look-I don’t even know if I’m cool enough to be using it. I’m 33, I share my home with 2 bombass, but often rude, cats and a husband that sabotages my Snapchat a lot. Hey, maybe that’s the quintessential Glossier girl-doubt it. I’ve reviewed Glossier goods before and today I’ll be telling you about their new liquid blush, Cloud Paint, their highlighter stick, Haloscope and Generation G in Jam.

Cloud Paint: I’ve always loved cream blushes and this is like the watercolor version. I once painted a watercolor portrait of Walter White from Breaking Bad (the best show ever created) so I’m into it. It’s not too pigmented that you get out of control, it’s lightweight and non-sticky and it drys to a perfectly, realistic flush. I have Beam which is a true peach. Imma pull up on the other shades too, don’t you worry.

I tapped Cloud Paint onto a client’s lips and I loved the effect so don’t be afraid to apply to pouts and even eye lids. I am looking forward to acquiring more colors and mixing for custom shades. I totally recommend.

Haloscope: I love the concept of a dewy highlighter in a stick. The core of the product is made of coconut and castor oil while the outer rim is made of real crystals, in this case, rose quartz. If you have texture on your skin, i.e. crows feet, wrinkles, blemishes or facial hair (me), this may not sit so flawlessly on the skin. I found that because of my excessive face fuzz, it didn’t look nearly as beautiful as it does on the baby faced models. As you will see below, on a younger face, it looks heavenly. Color-wise, I find Quartz to be geared to the pale folk, giving a pinky/white glow. I think Moonstone would be too light for most. I recommend this, but only for those with high and tight, young people skin. See below!

Shown on model: Haloscope in Quartz, Cloud Paint in Beam on cheeks and lips

Generation G • Jam: This was a Glossier product that people seemed to really go nuts for when it launched. The photos on their site show a perfectly muted, matte balm with a stain-like effect. It looks like you put on a traditional lipstick and blotted it several times. While I like the color Jam, it takes some layering to achieve the look you see in photos and the formula isn’t particularly luxurious feeling. I find this applies better when less pressure is used as it feels a bit dry and drags on the lips.

I chose the shade Jam because the lighter shades such as Like and Cake look like nothing. I’m not 100% sold on this product and find I don’t reach for it much. It’s growing on me but I don’t recommend it just yet.
I hope this mini round-up of Glossier goodies and honest thoughts was helpful. If you’re feeling it, Click here to save 20% off your first Glossier purchase.


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