Will Glossier’s Wowder powder wow you?

I’ve had Glossier Wowder for a while and realized I’ve never actually talked about it here.

How freakin rude of me. Who do I think I am?!

I really like certain things about Wowder and find it not as ideal in other ways, but don’t worry; we’ll talk about all of that.

Glossier Wowder with Wowder Brush, Set for $35


Glossier Wowder is a plastic jar with a mesh trampoline through which the product is dispersed. I actually really like this delivery method and prefer it to traditional sifters.

It’s worth noting that the mesh could get dirty over time if you’re dipping a brush into it repeatedly.


Wowder is a silky powder formula that is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested,
  • Talc free
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Vegan and of course
  • Cruelty free

As with many setting powders, Glossier’s Wowder contains silica. In addition, it also contains silicone, diamond powder, kaolin clay and vitamin E. I have no issue with any of these ingredients and find them right at home in a powder.

I consider Wowder more of a finishing powder, for an all over blurring and softening effect rather than a true setting powder.

Shade Range

Wowder comes in 5 shades and the darkest shade is quite dark, which is nice to see.

I have the lightest shade, shade G11-G12, very light. This corresponds to their concealer shades. It is light enough for me, but may not be for everyone.

For finishing powders, I would say the shade range is good really.


I can say with certainty that Wowder makes my makeup wear noticeably longer and controls shine. This is a great setting powder for the hot months, but in the winter, I find it a bit too drying, likely due to the kaolin clay.

For combo/oily girls, I’m sure you wouldn’t have an issue with that at all and would find that this effectively controls shine.


At $22 for 7.2 grams, Wowder is a good value, IMHO. There’s also the option to order the Wowder Brush with it for $35 which is a great deal, considering the brush is $20 alone.

Wowder Brush

The Wowder Brush is made of synthetic bristles with a short, lightweight, aluminum handle. It’s flatter shape is nice for pressing powder into the t-zone but I like it best for contour and bronzing powders.

It comes in a carrying pouch, which is a must for travel. I cannot tell you how many brushes I’ve seen swimming in the bottom of a makeup bag cesspool of germs.

While I like this brush, I don’t feel that it’s a must-have for applying Wowder and I actually prefer a larger, more rounded brush for that. If you need a new bronzer brush, you may enjoy this.

What I like about Wowder

  • Pore minimizing finish
  • Silky texture
  • Packaging
  • Shade range
  • Increases wear of makeup
  • Truly controls shine

What I don’t like about Wowder

  • I don’t love this for setting under eye concealer.
  • I find Wowder doesn’t apply well with a damp sponge; stick with a brush.
  • This feels a little dry in the winter for me so it might be best for combo/oily skin or relegated to the summer months.

Overall Thoughts on Glossier Wowder

Wowder is a really nice finishing powder for the hot months and/or oilier skin types. It definitely increases the longevity of my makeup and slightly softens the appearance pores too.

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