Greenhouse Girl Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I’ve become quite proficient at doing daisy lashes by now. It all started when my friends and I were preparing for the Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicago and I was trying to come up with some cute rave makeup looks. I experimented on this look, and then I perfected it for the real deal.
I knew this could be easily translated into a cute and feminine Halloween look so I created what I call “greenhouse girl” for Divine Caroline. Click here or on any photo to read what supplies you’ll need and detailed step by step instructions.

This looks very complex, but with the help of DUO eyelash adhesive, the gluing on of the petals is quite easy. Some little tips that will make it easier are to definitely use a small amount of glue, wait 30 seconds at least for it to dry to a tacky finish and glue above crease and around, but not in the crease itself. Trust me. I’ve trial-ed and error-ed it and they flop all over the joint.


Some cute finishing touches for this outfit would be carrying one of those clear bubble umbrellas, wearing a clear plastic shoe organizer with fake flowers and plants in the pockets, or a green bodysuit with fake flowers and vines hot glued on all over.



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