Face & Body Hair Removal


This is going to be my most glamtastic post by FAR.

We’re talking all about hair removal! Yay-YUH! I love to talk about the things that we hate to talk about. We are all friends here. Excuse me-FRENZ. You can ask me whatever you want and I can share my insecurities with you in exchange!

We all have insecurities-the things about ourselves we don’t dig. Maybe we even freaking haaate these things. These things can eat at us and rain on our parade nonstop until we say, “hey-I can get rid of you!” So let me tell you about one of my main insecurities. One that goes waaaay back. And how I killed it.

I’ve always had dark arm hair. Growing up, it definitely seemed like I was the only one. I would look down at my hairy arms resting on my desk, appearing darker in the fluorescent classroom lighting, and wish I had sleeves on. I would imagine what other students were thinking, assuming boys probably thought it was masculine.

But here’s what I wish I would have known growing up-hair removal is easy, cheap, worthwhile and a huge confidence boost!


I don’t remember why or when I thought to bleach my arm hair, but boy am I glad I did! I have used the Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Bleach for many, many years and it’s awesome. It’s $6-$8 depending on where you buy it. Not only is it affordable, easy and fairly quick, but the bleach has a fairly pleasant almond scent! Watch the video below for how to use it and see some dramatic before and after results!

I feel so much better once I’ve bleached my arm hair because it turns so blonde that it’s basically invisible! You’ll know when it’s time to bleach again when you see the roots darkening up, but it’s really a totally painless process! FYI-I don’t use the Pre-Conditioner. It’s basically witch hazel and not really necessary.

Because I’m so blessed, I also have a lil moustachio. Furthermore, I have dark hair on my cheekbones too and it pisses. me. off. When I want to use a highlighting powder or cream, it will never look as beautifully reflective as it should. This is due to the texture of hair, rather than bare skin. So how do I fix this? Allow me to introduce you to Ardell Brow Trim & Shape.

These are mini razors safe for use on the face. I much prefer this method to waxing or threading. I have tried both with very bad results. Waxing broke me out and seriously irritated my skin. Threading? Uh-worst experience ever. Not only was it insanely painful but I got the worst breakout of my entire life afterwards. Not sure if this was a hygiene issue with the place I went, but I dunno you guys, just not for me!


Using a razor on facial hair will absolutely not make hair grow back thicker, contrary to popular belief. I pull the skin tight and gently use downward strokes to remove the hair. Make sure to do this on a clean face, ensuring you wipe all leftover makeup away. These come 3 in a pack so no need to ever use a dull one!

Afterwards, I apply the astringent witch hazel to the area to to disinfect, close pores and prevent any breakouts.


I truly hope that this post helps you, or  that you’ll share with someone who you know who is bothered by excess facial or body hair. Maybe this information can help other young girls, currently hating their arm hair too! <3




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    What is the pre-conditioner used for.

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