4 Halloween Makeup Staples To Create a Spooky Look

Urban Decay recently sent me some of their key products for Halloween makeup, but these can also be found in my freelance makeup kit and personal collection too. I wanted to share these staples of Halloween makeup and ways to re-purpose products you already have, so that you aren’t buying garbage Halloween “makeup kits”. I live to serve the people.

Vampy Lipstick

If your costume requires a deep, devilish lip, why not buy a really nice lipstick like formula? This way, you can continue rocking that shade into fall and winter. Urban Decay sent me , which I honestly can’t wait to wear just on the regular.
You can also use these bold shades to create realistic wounds and bruises.

Black Eyeliner

A soft, pigmented like in (the blackest black!) can be used for everything from Cleopatra eyes, eye black for athlete costumes, recreating tattoos, smudging out to create dirt/shadows, etc. You have about 30 seconds to manipulate and then they are set.


Halloween makeup is likely heavier than you regularly wear so it’s important to create a barrier, both on your eyes and face, to protect them. Some red and pink pigments can stain the skin and a primer on your lids and face will help prevent this is tried and true eyeshadow primer that will keep your colors looking vivid and crease-free all night.

Setting Spray

is clutch for Halloween makeup looks, especially when you’re using cream colors and have layers of sticky icky icky. I have yet to find a better setting spray than . So use this to set your Halloween face, and then keep using it when you want to make your makeup last from dusk to dawn. Another great use is to spray some into the cap, dip a brush into it and then any powder pigments you apply with it will be waterproof.

In closing, enjoy this playlist of my Halloween makeup tutorials from year’s past.

Happy Halloweening!!

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