Harry’s Shave Set Review

Hair removal has been a lifelong struggle of mine and when I find things that make it not as struggle-y, I share. Even though I’m a grown-ass lady, I continue to just grab whatever crap razors I see first and proceed to cut myself up to murder movie proportions every time. Is this the chainsaw scene from Scarface? Nope, just me trying not to have cactus legs. Now that those of you afraid of blood have since clicked off, let me tell you about Harry’s. I mean, their logo is a wooly mammoth so I feel like they already know me from the get go. Harry’s reached out asking if I’d like to try their shaving products and I was like, “why are you asking me? Who put you up to this? Did my husband complain about my leg prickles?!” Just kidding. I didn’t say that. I said I’d love to and chose the Truman Set to test drive. I picked it because it’s orange mostly but also because it has a grippy handle and I’m a clumsy wreck. You can get the fancier Winston Set engraved so it’s better for gifting maybe.

The Truman set includes the shaver, 2 replacement blades in a waterproof box, a full size Foaming Shave Gel and sample of their Post Shave Balm for $15. This is a pretty sweet deal considering I routinely spend about $10.39+ on what equates to plastic leg murder weapons. The Harry’s packaging is super cool looking, making this a great father’s day or graduation gift.

One thing I’ll say though on that topic, upon opening, the box tells you: “every man deserves quality craftsmanship, simple design, modern convenience and a great shave.” Um, ok. How about everyone deserves those things? Let’s get progressive Harry.
The included Foaming Shave Gel smells fresh and masculine, but I actually love that type of scent. I’m not a flowery girl. It’s not an old man cologne scent, don’t worry. I got into the shower one night, excited to try out my Harry’s products for the first time, but realized I’d left the Shave Gel in my makeup room. I asked my husband to bring it to me, which he did. He thought it was a traditional shaving foam so when he brought it into the bathroom, he tried to shoot it at me but instead, only gel came out and scared me to death. I believe I screamed something like, “The joke is on you because it’s gel! And besides! How freaking wasteful!!”

The Harry’s razor itself has 5 blades and is crafted from stainless steel at Harry’s own German factory. I once drove a Jetta so I was pretty excited about the German engineering. The blades themselves are sold for as little as $1.75 each in a 16 pack, or $2.00 each in 4 and 8 packs. You’ll notice that’s much more economical than the other brands out there.  The blades are sharp as hell but I’ve yet to injure myself. You can subscribe to shave plans so you’re always stocked with blades and shaving product too if you want. The busier/lazier I get, the more I embrace subscription plans for literally everything in life. Tampons, razors, wine, what else can you auto ship to me?

If you’re looking to up your shave game, or someone else’s, I like Harry’s and knowing I’m not overpaying for blades. I also haven’t injured myself, and that is good. Thanks for reading, friends!

Product provided courtesy of Harry’s for review purposes. No financial compensation was received nor was a positive review encouraged.


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