Haus Labs Review

I expected Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories beauty line to be avant garde, the outrageous at full volume, the unconventional at 100. I was totally ok with all of that, for the record.

What else would one expect from the iconic woman who once wore a meat dress? Oh, and lest your forget these Met Gala lashes?! Cuz I sure didn’t.

I ordered the Haus of Goddess collection on pre-order day from Haus Laboratories. Unfortunately, getting my order was a bit of an ordeal. On a particularly terrible day, on which my car battery died and left me stranded after an appointment, I got a notification that my Haus Laboratories order had been delivered. I was elated! I thought to myself, this is just what I needed to turn my day around!

Tracking showed that it was indeed delivered…to a Colorado address. For those that don’t know, I do not live in the state of Colorado…just under a 10 hour drive from it.

I will say, Haus Laboratories customer service is excellent. When I let them know about the issue, they responded super promptly and nicely. They assured me that I’d just received an incorrect tracking number and that my order was still on it’s way. Ok, cool.

Many days passed and it became clear that my order was just plain lost. I let Haus Labs know and they refunded me instantly. It was an easy process and I was very impressed with their customer service.

Several days later, without warning, my order miraculously arrived!

The Haus of Goddess collection is exactly what I was hoping for shade wise, if not better. I chose this collection because I feel it’s the lowest point of entry for someone who might not feel like a Lady Gaga makeup line is for them.

Haus Laboratories Haus of Goddess Collection

From left: Le Riot Lip Gloss in Venus, RIP Lip Liner in Myth, Glam Attack liquid eyeshadow in Aphrodite

Haus of Goddess Collection

Clockwise from left: Glam Attack liquid eyeshadow in Aphrodite, RIP Lip Liner in Myth, Le Riot Lip Gloss in Venus

Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow-Aphrodite

This is a liquid glitter shadow with a lot going for it. It wears extremely well; no flaking, smudging or fading. It has sparkle, but the particles are fine so it still feels appropriate for day time wear, at least for me.

The shade Aphrodite is warmer, more pink than I thought. I really love it though and would totally recommend it.

RIP Lip Liner-Myth

I love the color, the formula, and the finish of this lip liner. It’s a brownish-mauve that is impactful on my light skin. For medium skin tones, it’s likely more nude.

Le Riot Lip Gloss-Venus

I’m a lipgloss lover from wayback. I’m over the ultra matte lip so I’m ultra glad that glossy is back. I think one could describe Le Riot Lip Gloss as a little sticky, but honestly, I have never minded that too much. I love the color, especially over the liner. It’s not my absolute favorite lipgloss but I’m still a fan.

Overall Thoughts

I am pleasantly surprised by Haus Laboratories. I really like everything I tried and would recommend everything mentioned here. I’ll have to try their eyeliner and new palette eventually.

Oh, and if I do? You’ll be the first to know about it.

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