Full Coverage Drugstore Foundation, Concealer

If your skin is less than perfect, like mine, and you like a full coverage look on a drugstore budget, like me, here are two products that will cover all sins and scaries. I’ll be telling you about Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer.

drugstore-heavydutyRevlon Colorstay Foundation
My mom always wore Revlon Colorstay foundation. When I was younger, I always thought it was “too heavy” but now that I am the seasoned old age of 28 (29 next month :0), I have come to appreciate it’s full coverage capabilities hardcore. If MAC foundations like Pro Longwear had a more affordable sister, this would be her.

I love Colorstay because:

  • It covers imperfections better than any drugstore foundation out there
  • It lasts longer than any other foundation, even longer than some department store brands I feel
  • The shade range is pretty good
  • The formula is a nice consistency–not too thin and watery, not too thick.

I use Revlon Colorstay with a flat-top kabuki brush like e.l.f.’s Powder Brush (ignore the name!) to achieve as flawless of a look as possible. People mistakenly think I have “great skin” so I must be doing a decent job. If they only knew. Someday when I’m feeling brave, I’ll post a pic of me sans makeup and you’ll die. Someday.
Anyways, I take the flat-top brush, dip it into the foundation on the back of my hand and begin by stippling it all over my face. I then take the same brush and blend it into my skin using circular motions. Revlon Colorstay is a quicker-drying foundation than most so you need to work quickly!

Shade Range
In terms of color, my skin is weird. I have definite olive-toned skin, but it is pale, not tan. My skin could best be described as “pale green” haha! In MAC I wear NC20 if that helps?

In the winter, Buff is a great shade for me. But in the summer, things get a little tricky. I sometimes end up mixing several shades of Colorstay to get the right color. That is why I have THREE different bottles in the photo at the top 😉 Sand Beige and Golden Beige are closest. Golden Beige is kind of this rare gem. The shade is only available in the Combination/Oily formula and I haven’t seen it sold everywhere. I think I found it at Walgreen’s. If your skin looks like mine, and you think this shade would be a good match, you  may need to order it online since it’s few and far between.

Be aware-the shades differ in appearance depending on the formula. One shade may be a great match in the Normal/Dry formula and look entirely different in the Combination/Oily formula. I am not sure why that is other than perhaps the Normal/Dry formula has more moisture content causing the shades to be a tad lighter? Also, a Colorstay shade will not appear the same in a Revlon PhotoReady or Whipped Creme Foundation formula. If only it were that easy!


Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer
Ah, one of the  few items I’ll willingly go to WalMart for. Formerly a higher-end line, as of 2009, the Hard Candy line is only sold at WalMart stores.
Do you remember the iconic pastel nail polishes with rings on the brush tops? I remember seeing a light blue Hard Candy nail polish, Sky, in Seventeen magazine when I was just first getting interested in makeup. This was also when I was wearing glitter gel as eyeshadow and listening to The Cardigans.

Glamoflauge is the most heavy-duty, opaque drugstore concealer I’ve ever used. It covers dark circles and blemishes ridiculously well.
The tube of concealer also comes with a small pencil concealer as well that I like to dot on small blemishes or line my waterline for a more awake look.

Shade Range
It comes in Light, Medium and Tan. I wear Light. It’s a dream for covering dark circles, but a bit light for blemishes on the face.

I would describe this concealer’s consistency as a cream. A little goes a long way and it’s better patted on than swiped. I’ve had my tube for a long time because it doesn’t take much to achieve a nice, concealed look. The more you work it in with your fingers, the more it warms and melds to your skin. Make sure to moisturize your under eye area before using this and don’t apply too much or it will accentuate wrinkles and bags below your eyes.
For precise application on blemishes, either use the pencil it comes with or take a small brush, either an eyeliner or lip brush, and dot it onto the spot.

Because this is so pigmented and opaque, it will cover the darkest of under eye circles, blemishes, scars and even tattoos! For tattoo coverage, you’ll want to use the pencil concealer that comes with the tube first, then pat the cream over it. I am tattoo-less so can’t attest to how well this works? If you wanted to cover a tattoo on your hand or wrist for a job interview, I could see this being particularly useful.

The very best part: $6.00!

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