How to Apply False Lashes

Until I discovered this method, I would have rather put false lashes on 10 people than myself once. Now, I’d rather put them on maybe 2 people vs. myself once.

I saw makeup artist Eve Pearl apply false lashes this way in an Instagram video and it was the first method that has ever made sense to me.

This works because it’s how I actually do apply them to other people.

You will need

  • I used but look good on almost everyone.
  • (optional)
I’m wearing Ardell Baby Wispies and holding Wilbur Boyd.

Before we start

Before we begin, I recommend you curl your lashes, then apply mascara. Mascara will make your lashes as black as the false lashes, therefore blending better and make your lashes stiffer, forming a little bridge for the false lashes to rest on. Ok friends. WE READY.

The Easiest Lash Application Method


Place your onto your eye. If the lash extends past the outer edge of your eye, trim that part off with your scissors first.


Using the brush applicator, apply an even layer of to the lash strip, adding a bit extra to the inner and outer corners.


While we wait 20 seconds or so for the glue to become sticky, holding the inner and outer corners of the lash, bend and wiggle the lash into a U-shape.


Carefully grip the inner corner of the lash with one pair of and the outer corner with your other pair. Hold on tight; don’t let go.


Tilt your head back, looking into a mirror at a downwards angle.


Pull the away from each other to stretch out the lash, lower it down onto your lash line, then release your . The lash should snap into shape since you did little the little U-shape wiggle beforehand. Lash muscle memory magic!


Using your , sandwich the false lash and your lashes together, pinching gently with the tool.


If you notice any gap of skin showing below your lashes, use a to tightline, darkening the roots of the lashes to better blend with the false lashes. You can also use liner on the lash band itself to camouflage any glue.

watch the tutorial

Try this ok? I think you’ll find the 2 tweezer method changes the game.

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