how to use a beautyblender

When you say the word beautyblender, it elicits one of 3 responses:
“A what, huh?”
“I looooove mine!”
“A $20 makeup sponge is so ridicuous.”IMG_3242

I fall into a fourth category that I will explain. As a freelance makeup artist, I love using the beautyblender to apply and blend cream foundations, concealer, cream blush, cream contours and setting powder. I find it truly creates a brush stroke-free, seamless finish, applying and blending product in one step. I especially like it for cream products as it seems to melt them into the skin for the most natural look. I also feel better about using beautyblenders on clients, vs. my fingers, because hey, it’s the Midwest and not everyone digs fingies all up in their face. A beautyblender feels like a damp marshmallow.

On myself, I rarely reach for the beautyblender because I use liquid foundation most of the time and find it thins it slightly, and I like coverage. I am cool with blending underage concealer with fingers on my own face or I use brushes. I have also developed this makeup artist habit of using nice things on my clients and skimping on myself. Oops!

When I use a beautyblender on my clients, which is always, they seem very curious about them. I wanted to answer a few common questions in this post as the bb seems to still hold a bit of mystery.

Don’t dig reading? Just watching my video instead.

What is a beautyblender?
The beautyblender is a non-latex foam sponge for applying liquid, cream and powder makeup. It was created in 2003 by celebrity makeup artist, Rea de Silva. It comes in pink, black, white and a mini version called the which I find somewhat uncecessary.

How do I use it?
First, saturate it with water. Don’t be shy. The beautyblender is winning this wet t-shirt contest. Next, squeeze out all the water. Dip the rounded edge into your foundation and “bounce” it on the skin in a stippling motion. There’s no sense in dragging and rubbing the sponge on the skin as you simply won’t get any of the effect that way. Flip it over and use the pointed end to blend undereye concealer under the eyes and around small spots around the nose, mouth, etc. You can squeeze the sponge to fit any area you want.

How much is it?
$20 but you can get them cheaper from makeup artist supply sites.

How do I clean it?
First of all, I’m glad you asked. It should be cleaned after every use. That might be bummer city to hear but you know what else is bummer city? Mold, bacteria and smellzzz. beautyblender sells a liquid and solid cleanser but I prefer Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap. It’s basically identical to beautyblender’s cleanser, cheaper and last way longer. Never store this in a ziplock bag situation. Let it air dry or use a mesh bag or beautyblender’s airport.


Are there any dupes that stand up?
In short, no. Most dupes don’t expand as much when wet and do not feel nearly as soft and pliable as the beautyblender. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is the closest substitute I’ve found but still not enough to be considered an exact dupe, in my opinion.

I show how to use the beautyblender Pro to apply cream foundation as well as cream blush in this post and video below. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!


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