InStyler MAX Wet To Dry Review

I’m back with another hair tool/gadget review! I’m a beauty lover and also a little techy. I like when beauty fuses with new technology and promises to make life easier. InStyler recently sent me their InStyler MAX Wet to Dry to review, which claims to dry and straighten your hair in one. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out if it is, as well as if it’s safe to use on your hair with input from a hairstylist.
The InStyler MAX Wet to Dry shares the same design and features as the original InStyler MAX. You’ll notice it has the same size 2-way rotating heated barrel on one side and ionic bristle brush with tourmaline ceramic plate on the other. In addition, it also has the swivel cord, 4 heat settings up to 425 degrees and auto shut off. The price is the same at $99. It’s available at Ulta and Target, as well as online. The InStyler MAX Wet to Dry claims to “whisk” water out of the hair and vent it away. Being that the only visible difference between the InStyler MAX Wet to Dry and the regular InStyler MAX is the barrel color, I’m not sure what makes this unique and able to dry the hair in addition to straightening it? So…does it?
Even on the highest heat setting (I have healthy, virgin hair), it didn’t fully dry nor straighten my hair. I don’t feel that it saved any time and it was annoying to listen to the rotation each pass, which there were many of. This can still be used as a straightening tool on dry hair, just as you would the regular InStyler MAX. In my original review, I said that it was nice for a not-stick straight style so you might like it for that.


  • Lightweight
  • Swivel cord
  • Easy to use
  • Included heat pad
  • Auto shutoff
  • Moderate price point


  • Noisy
  • Does not fully dry hair
  • Does not fully straight hair
  • Does not save time
  • Potentially damaging to hair
  • Hard to get close to the root

Hairstylist Perspective
Brittany Reed of Brittany Reed Salon, LLC.

“Have you ever had a really hot skillet and gotten some water droplets on it? It sizzles/steams away? You’re kind of doing that to your hair. The steam you see is the water vaporizing (and possibly product – if you applied any, which I hope there’s something on there), but it’s being forced out with high heat. Think of it like you’re boiling the water inside of the strand.

Most people don’t know, and they think “Hey, that might save me time!” I’m here to tell you to save your money. Use it as a flat iron if you like how it works for you, but please don’t dry your hair with this. From what I could tell from the video, you have great natural texture in your hair – take care of it! I see a lot of people that damage their hair in various ways, and they then end up fighting their hair even more (frizz, dryness, etc).

If I had a client tell me they were using this (I’ve had a few over the years ask me about wet to dry irons) my answer is always the same – stay away from them. I know the allure of the convenience/time saving seems nice, but it didn’t even seem like to me that you save any time with that tool.

On a similar note, aside from the damage – take a normal Iowa summer. Humidity. How does your hair react to humidity? Most people with similar texture generally frizz. If I’m doing hair for an event, my biggest concern (besides the right products, of course) is that the hair is BONE DRY – absolutely no moisture left in that hair. Why? because if there’s a drop of water left inside those hair strands, as soon as that hair comes in contact with humidity, it will react how a dry sponge reacts to water – it expands!

I’m ALL about trying out new products and tools, and do so often (much like yourself). But this isn’t something I’d like to see you (or anyone) doing to your hair!” Do I recommend it? No. It does not dry your hair, and I learned it really wouldn’t be good for your hair even if it did. It does not straighten your hair fully either. I suppose someone with fairly straight hair would do ok with this, but that is not me.

Product provided by InStyler for review purposes. No financial compensation was received nor was a positive review encouraged. All opinions expressed are my own.


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