Jay Manuel Beauty Ultimate Pencils

If you were an America’s Next Top Model fan like me, you definitely know Jay Manuel. He was the alien-like gorgeous creative director with silver hair, beginning his career as a makeup artist, working with both Tyra and Iman. Manuel has now launched a full beauty line, Jay Manuel Beauty. I recently tried one of the products in that line, The Ultimate Pencil, through makeup recommendation app Plum Perfect’s new Girl Seeks Sample program.


Plum Perfect ensures that the samples you receive through this new program are perfectly suited to your skin tone. What is this sorcery? By taking a selfie in good lighting, the app recommends only colors that are right for you, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Their Girl Seeks Sample program is hella cool because you’re in the driver’s seat and um, guess what? It’s free! You just download the app, input your photo and choose the samples you want based on your color recommendations. Standard samples are totally free, with deluxe samples costing just $2.00. Now onto the makeup!


These versatile Jay Manuel Beauty Ultimate Pencils come in 18 colors and can be used on eyes, lips, face and body. I love that they are paraben free and do not test on animals. They contain vitamin E so they glide on really nicely with no tugging or dragging.

Pigment 9/10
All quite pigmented, OMG and Wicked seem to pack the most punch. Treat is my favorite lip shade, a perfect summery watermelon hue that’s going to look amazing with a tan. Glow is really nice in the waterline and inner corner, as well as an all over face highlighter. Bombshell is a classic red, Hazel-despite the name-is a classic warm brown. I actually like OMG better than OCC’s Pool Boy as the consistency is better. Wicked is a true, rich black that smudges out really nicely.

These glide on smoothly. I find that they smudge out fairly well but stay a bit sticky longer than most liners. This would make them a nice shadow base for loose pigments, however.
Wear 7/10
These have about average wear. I wouldn’t call them extremely long-wearing but they hold on pretty well.
Value 8/10 At $20, these are a modest price point. The pencils feel high quality and perform well.
The pigment is really vivid in these pencils. I was impressed with that right off the bat. I also applaud their consistency. They are creamy but not so much that they’re a total smudgefest. The color range is really nice and flattering and I like the black wood casing. I really dig that you can use these pencils to streamline your routine, sketching on a lip and cheek with a single pencil, smudging color all over the lid and lining with one pencil, etc. I love multi-tasking solutions like these.CONS
These stay a bit sticky, which could cause transferring for some. They don’t have exceptional wear by any means. I wish Glow were a bit more opaque for use in the waterline.

Do I recommend these?

Yes. I think they are a quality, multi-functional pencil product in a range of wearable shades.

Jay Manuel Beauty Ultimate Pencils provided for review by Plum Perfect’s Girl Seeks Sample program. All opinions expressed are my own and no financial compensation was received.


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