Great SPF, Survival Smoothies & DIY Pool Days: July Favorites

This past month has felt like prime summer. Maybe it isn’t technically, but I’m making the absolute most of it. This July favorites is a mixed bag, per the usual, of beauty products, food and bev, and just a little miscellaneous nonsense bringing me bits of joy.

Replenix SPF

I’ve tried a handful of sunscreens lately that were total duds. One made me break out in a rash and caused my mom to burn, another left a chalky white cast and residue in the pool water.

Replenix sent me several of their SPF products and 2 have really stood out to me, in a good way.

I really love the . It feels hydrating without being oily, sticky or slimy. It has a tint that doesn’t appear to register on the skin though so hopefully it just cancels out any white mineral cast.

replenix antioxidant spf

The is gentle, unscented and easy to blend in on the body. It does have a green cast that I stained a white shirt with however, so be careful if you’re wearing a light colored swimsuit or shirt.

If you’re looking for a sunscreen for your body, definitely choose Antioxidant Hydrating over the from because it left an outrageous white cast.

Want more SPF options? Check out this face sunscreen round up post.

smoothie king strawberry gladiator

Smoothie King Strawberry Gladiator

Tell me you work for yourself and have no time in between appointments to eat real meals…

Smoothie King Strawberry Gladiator has really come through for me. I order this particular smoothie because it’s the lowest in carbs, as far as I can tell. Let me know if there is a better SK Smoothie for livin la vida low carb.

I use the Smoothie King app, order ahead of time and pick up on my way to and from my makeup studio, as I struggle to keep my sh*t together.

Makeup by Mario Liner

I admire Mario and agree with a lot of his makeup philosophies, so I was excited to support him and his line. I thought this double ended liner, with a brush on one end and kohl liner on the other, was pretty genius.

I’m not sure if this hybrid already existed, but I don’t recall seeing something like it if so. This is exactly how I prefer to use pencil liner too-apply, then immediately smudge and shape with a brush.

I purchased both ‘Perfect Brown’, a true deep brown shade, and ‘Soft Brown’, a warm terracotta shade. I really love both and find the product almost effortless to use, creating perfectly soft and casual wings.

I’ve swatched other shades in store and will likely add the rest to my collection eventually.

Minnidip Tufted Pool

I’ve enjoyed this adult inflatable just as much, if not more than I originally anticipated. It’s definitely a 1 person party, though Jake has sat in it with me. It’s been hot as satan’s butthole here in Iowa, which I haven’t even minded thanks to my new pal, Minnidip.

It takes about 10 minutes to inflate the pool with an automatic pump and maybe 20 minutes to fill with my hose. I’ve had no issues with leaks and as long as you follow the strict directions to not over-inflate it, you’ll be living it up in your backyard within 30 minutes too.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time in it; sipping a hard seltzer while listening to either Poolsuite FM or a podcast. Speaking of which! I have a new fave in the rotation…

Eyewitness Beauty podcast

Eyewitness Beauty Podcast

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I listen to a lot of beauty podcasts. I’ve got a new fave in the rotation, Eyewitness Beauty. It’s hosted by Annie and Nick, both formerly of Into the Gloss, Annie was then with Glossier and Nick went on to found Nécessaire. They deliver news, make me laugh and have great perspectives on the beauty industry.

displeased face due to lack of vaccinations in Iowa
Please get vaccinated. I’m sick of this shit.

I’m glad to have made it through July, considering the circumstances–a sea of unvaccinated in Iowa. I hope to keep writing favorites and maybe someday, I can say that I feel hopeful again. However, despite being fully vaccinated, I’m back to wearing masks.

See you for next month’s favorites.

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