Katy Perry Mermaid

As some of you may know, I work at Sephora and elaborate Halloween makeup is encouraged, which I LOVE! I intended to be a mermaid but when I got several Katy Perry comparisons due to the blue wig, I went with it. Love her and her new album is just solidly fantastic.
As my final Halloween look for 2013, I present to you “Katy Perry Mermaid!”


This look appears very complex but with a fishnet stocking or hairnet as a mask, it’s so simple!
You just place it over your entire face, stipple on a cream shadow. When you pull the fishnet off, you’ll have the imprint of scales left over and you can add glitter and jewels from there.
The glitter is cosmetic glitter, which is key as it’s finer and not gritty and sharp.

Supplies Needed




  1.  Prime and apply foundation and powder as normal.
  2. Apply fishnet stocking or hair net to head, covering entire face.
  3. Take blue and green cream shadows and stipple over the netting with a makeup sponge.
  4. Remove the fishnet, revealing a scale like pattern.
  5. For eyes, begin by applying silver cream shadow from inner corner to middle of lid.
  6. Apply a blue cream shadow from center of lid to outer corner, blending up towards brows.
  7. Mix loose glitter with glitter adhesive to form a glitter gel and pat with a synthetic brush over entire eye lid. Also, dot onto the scales you created selectively.
  8. Apply mascara.
  9. Apply false lashes to top and bottom lash lines.
  10. Line top and lower lash lines with bright cobalt blue liquid liner.
  11. Place jewels around eye area with a tweezers.
  12. Apply a lip balm and let it settle in. Follow with a blue cream shadow.
  13. Press a loose glitter onto the center of your mouth.
  14. Mix glitter adhesive with loose glitter to form a gel liner and trace the lips.
  15. Brush glitter gel through brows if desired.

And there ya go! If Katy Perry were a mermaid, she’d look like this!

This makeup would also make great rave makeup. I did a similar look for the Electric Daisy Carnival.






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