Keratin Lash Lift and Tint Questions

When I first wrote about the keratin lash lift and tint treatment, you guys seemed very intrigued and had lots of questions. I just got my lashes lifted and tinted again at Lash Love Beauty Bar and used this as an opportunity to gather some more in-depth info, as well as show you how my lashes curled the second time around! Make sure you check out my first post to get up to speed.

Before (no eye makeup, no eye curler used) and After lash lift and tint (no eye makeup, no curler)

It was an easier process the second time around because I knew what Vanessa was going to do. My lashes definitely looked just as awesome as the first time I did it. It’s funny; you think you have pretty good lashes until you do this treatment. Now, I think, why would I ever want my mediocre, unlifted, untinted ones again?

The questions that have come up most are:

How long did it really last?
The first time, it lasted a solid 2 months.

What is in the formula?
An ingredient list is not available as it’s a proprietary formula. However, I can tell you that it’s hypoallergenic, formaldehyde and paraben free. It’s a formula that comes from Paris.

What is the maintenance involved?
Virtually none except for not getting them wet for the first 48 hours afterwards. I was so committed that I wore tanning goggles in the shower one night. Other than that, you are welcome to wear any mascara or use any makeup remover.

What if I am I super fair, blonde or red head?
The tint can be custom mixed to suit your coloring. My tint is a mix of a rich black and a blue black but there are lighter shades for a less dramatic look.

Does it hurt?
The only discomfort I experienced the first and second time was slight stinging of the last step, the tint. Once you blink a bunch of times, it goes away and my eyes were not red, itchy or irritated.

Will my lashes be too long?
There are 3 different curve sizes to form the curl. Super short or straight lashes would use the steepest curl, I got the medium and really long lashes would get a very open curl so as to not push them up to the brows.

Is it safe?
I am not an esthetician or opthomologist but here is what I can tell you based on my own research. As always, make your own informed decision from there. Personally, I had no irritation or reactions. I do sometimes react poorly to things so it was possible. Most lash-enhancing treatments are not yet FDA-approved. This Allure article describes the type of keratin lash lift and tint I had and has some great additional info. All this being said, I have been super happy with the professionalism, results and experience of the keratin lash lift and tint and I have no current complaints.

What if I’m not near Lash Love Beauty Bar?
I know not everyone has access to where I went so here are some things to look for when choosing a lash service provider. Treatments that are not the keratin lash lift may not last as long or give you as great of results. As with any beauty service, make sure you read lots of reviews, ask all the questions you have and look at examples of their work.

Should I do it?
If you have hard-to-curl lashes that grow straight down or moderate-length lashes that are just light in color, I think you’ll love this as a maintenance-free alternative to lash extensions. You can skip mascara if you want and I know a lot of people who would love that.

Who shouldn’t do it?
If you cannot lay still with your eyes closed for up to an hour, this isn’t for you. I used it as an opportunity to relax but if you’re prone to panicking, you might feel helpless. I actually have anxiety myself and I was fine both times. If you’ve had LASIK eye surgery in the last 6 months, you may want to wait a bit. If you have damaged lashes as in missing gaps and breakage, you’ll want to wait until your lash health has improved first.

This short video shows a close-up look at my lashes before, after, 1 week later and with makeup.

Here are the before and after photos that Vanessa took while I was there. One thing I notice beyond the lift and tint is that it really isolates and separates all your lashes, making it seem as though there are twice as many.

I hope this post has given you more info on the keratin lash lift and tint treatment. I personally love it and am forever amazed by how much better my own lashes look.

If you’re local, Lash Love Beauty Bar is doing a Mother’s Day special. If you book by the 15th, you’ll get a free Grande Lash Grande Mascara. I’ll be reviewing that too in the coming weeks! Thanks for reading!




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