10 Kitsch Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Kitsch is a female-founded and owned hair and beauty accessories brand. In 2010, Cassandra Thurswell founded the Kitsch, starting out by hand making products in her Los Angeles apartment. Now, you can find Kitsch products online and at 20,000 retail locations across the world, including Ulta as well as selling on Amazon.

I’ve been a fan for years and over time, have found what are absolute staples in my hair and beauty routine. I’m sharing my top 10 Kitsch products with you today and can guarantee that at least of one these is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Towel Pillow Cover

For those of us that sleep with wet hair, either due to air drying for curls, extreme fatigue or some good old fashioned laziness, the Kitsch Towel Pillow Cover is a game changer. Wondering how this differs from just putting a towel over your pillow? The cover has 2 elastic straps that hold it onto your pillow. One side is absorbent microfiber, and the other side that rests on your pillow is a waterproof liner that protects your pillow from any moisture.

Satin Sleep Scrunchies

After years of high buns and ponytails, I’ve been trying to treat my hair a little nicer. Satin scrunchies like these don’t pull or snag and they’re also quite cute.

Towel Scrunchies 

I’d never really seen anything like these! If you’re someone who likes to air dry, these will keep your hair up, while absorbing water!

Bungee Elastics

On occasion, I have to do hair on photoshoots, and tbh, I hate it. I’m a makeup artist, through and through. However, these bungee elastics have made ponytail construction better and more professional feeling.

Spa Headband

If you need a way to wash your face without getting your hairline wet, or avoid a mask getting into your roots, not only does this headband hold your hair back, but it has a smart little ponytail hole in the back! Genius.

Edge Brush & Comb

I love this Kitsch tool for several reasons. This is great for laying/smoothing edges when you have nice sleek styles, but, one end easily makes for an eyebrow brush, while the other end is a great lash comb! Since it comes in a 2 pack, you can reserve one for your hair, one for your brows and lashes.

Satin Sleep Scarf

I never knew I needed this until my semi-wavy hair suddenly became very wavy, even curly, in 2020. I learned how to tie this on via the internet and now I can preserve by wavy curls while I sleep. I also feel sort of fancy when I wear a little bonnet to bed.

Microfiber Hair Towel

I never want to wrap my hair up in a regular towel again. I like how moisture-wicking these are and how well it stays on my head. I actually Kitsch double duty-it and sometimes sleep in this, on my towel pillow cover.

Ulta | Amazon

Luxury Shower Cap

My mom is an OG shower cap wearer. She cannot go on a trip without one and she has worn them my entire life. I, however, usually just put my hair in a bun to shower when I’m not washing my hair. However, again, now that I have almost curls, I need to preserve them better. The Kitsch shower caps stay on well and looks so damn cute. I don’t feel at all like I’m borrowing my mom’s shower cap.

Ulta | Amazon

Silky Headband

Headbands hurt. I love how they look but after a few hours, I get a headache. This is so soft and flexible and I love the silver grey color that looks neutral but cool in any hair color.

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