LIFTLAB Skincare Review

The older I get, you know what I notice? Well, a myriad of weird stuff but one thing is that I can no longer just slap makeup on without solid skincare first. My skin is dry and if I neglect moisturizer and eye cream, well I might as well just take out a billboard ad that reads IVY BOYD HAS DRY FLAKES & TEXTURE!

I’ve recently been trying the skincare line from LIFTLAB and my makeup has been better for it. No point in putting in the effort of foundation, concealer and powder if you have sad skin for it to sit on top of. LIFTLAB uses a proprietary damage-reversing technology called CPP®, Cell Protection Protein®. This patented process was inspired by the way plant and animal cells are able to protect and heal themselves in the harshest climates. The science behind LIFTLAB reminds me of a brand I loved but no longer use due to their animal testing policies, Algenist.

You down with CPP®? Yeah, you know me.

LIFTLAB is cruelty-free, paraben free and contains no artificial fragrances or dyes. They use medical grade ingredients in only the concentration needed to be effective. I learned that a brand can list an ingredient, even if it doesn’t contain enough to even be effective. The more you know, right?!

I’ll be telling you about their cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream and make sure you read on if you want to win some of your own. LIFTLAB will be giving the trio to one of my blog readers so I’m really excited that one of you can try it too!

Purify + Clarify Cleanser 
This is a cream cleanser that foams slightly, but without the use of sulfates. It’s multi-functional as it can be used as a gentle exfoliant as well as a mask. It contains bitter orange oil which I can definitely smell but it’s subtle and not an artificial fragrance. It is not a scrub but you might feel the little jojoba beads in it. The best way to use this is to squeeze a pearl size onto your fingertips, add water and work gently over the face. LIFTLAB says to think of the pressure you would use with a paintbrush. This cleanser does not leave my very dry skin feeling more dry, tight or red but very refreshed. It exfoliates without the use of acids but rather a resurfacing peptide. I don’t totally love the smell but I do love that it’s natural and not a gross artificial one.

Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream
I’ll tell you right now; this LIFTLAB product is the MVP of the trio for me. Because the Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream contains medical grade silicone and Hyalurosmooth™which binds moisture to the cells, this is awesome for priming the skin for makeup. I have noticed that no matter what foundation I use, if I use this first, it looks infinitely better. My pores look reduced and my dry patches and flakes are gone. This is really the only “primer” I’ve used that truly improves the look and wear of my makeup.

The texture is a gel cream and it absorbs great without any slippery or heavy feeling on the skin. The Daily Cream also contains anti-aging peptides and LIFTLAB’s patented Cell Protection Protein® that encourages cell turnover.

Lift + Firm Eye Cream
If you’re not using an eye cream, I hope you’re under 18, because otherwise, you should be. The LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream has the same lightweight, gel cream texture as the moisturizer. It feels hydrating but isn’t so emollient that it causes your under eye concealer to crease. It packs a punch like the other LIFTLAB products, containing Aquafill™to trap moisture, an enzyme to protect and maintain collagen and buzz-worthy ingredient Niacinamide to increase circulation and aid with dark circles. In addition, it depuffs, hydrates and prevents aging. When used twice daily in the right amount, this should last you 5 months! If you want an all-purpose eye cream, and really, who doesn’t, this checks all the boxes.

For a basic skincare routine with results that are anything but basic, I’m super excited about the cool things LIFTLAB is doing. The ingredients are top notch, effective and backed by years of biotechnology and clinical trials. Yes, the products are perhaps pricier than other lines but contain things other lines don’t, and in concentrations that will work. Having spoken with LIFTLAB personally, I can tell you, they’re the real deal.

I know you’re wanting to try this line now so make sure you enter the giveaway via the widget below. LIFTLAB will be giving one lucky reader all 3 of the products mentioned here: cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream. Winner will be randomly generated on Friday, March 24th. U.S. entries only. Good luck!

Products provided by LIFTLAB for review purposes. Post contains affiliate links.

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