Lime Crime Great Pink Planet


I have a list in my Evernote called “Makeup I Wanna Try n’ Buy” and Lime Crime has long been on the list. I have a lot of lists in Evernote, which I could not live life without. Lists called things like “Funny Questions”, “Things To See/Do/Bucket List” and most recently, “Vent File”. That’s a real good one.

Um, anyways! Lime Crime! So I knew so many people loved their uniquely-colored opaque lipsticks and felt ashamed as a beauty blogger that I’d not yet tried them. Wanting to change that I was like, Great Pink Planet! In my cart!

I thought this color would suit a somewhat mod-inspired look with lotsa lashes. I’m wearing the Ardell Double Up lashes in the photos below and they are about 85x more ridiculous than I thought. For some reason, they gave me a lot of trouble. Hey, they might even make the “Vent File”!

My overall thoughts on Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Great Pink Planet are below!

Super cute, but also, for some reason, super adult toy-esque. I had this sitting on my desk and got embarrassed and put it in my purse. Is it just me? Because I think it looks like a sex toy. Unicorns are neat though.


It truly is opaque and the finish is somewhere in between satin and matte. I really like the finish. The scent is nice too. A somewhat-artificial vanilla scent. It applies easily, albeit a smidge dry.


I was actually impressed with the wear time on this. I had to wipe it off with makeup remover at the end of the day!


Had I given more thought to this, I would have chosen Geradium, My Beautiful Rocket or maaaaybe Babette. However, having a Pepto-Bismol meets Bubblegum shade in your collection isn’t the worst thing in the world. Sadly, this color makes my teeth look yellow. It’s very strange as it seems cool-toned? If you have yellow undertones like me, it just may need to be a night of the no-teeth smile. 😐


For $18, I think these are  moderately-priced “fun” lipsticks. I’m not so in love I want to buy a ton more, but I like them. Definitely want to try their Velvetines next! Let me know if you’ve tried Lime Crime and what YOU think below! Thanks so much for reading! <3


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