LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeshadows

When it comes to eyeshadow, what do we want? We want rich pigment, we want blendability, we want color range and we want long wear time. When it comes to eyeshadow, I am very particular and judgy. Doing eyeshadow is my favorite part of doing both my own makeup and others’ and I’ve tried many formulas, from drugstore to middle range to luxury. For these reasons, I didn’t expect anything much from the LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadows. I liked the look of the shades in the Feeling is Neutral palette but I love the LORAC and Makeup Geek formulas so much that I’m pretty loyal and biased.

How do the LimeLife by Alcone eyeshadows stack up to the best in the game in my opinion? Read on.

To tell you about the LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadow formula, I must first tell you a tale of makeup history. We are all familiar with MAC Cosmetics, yes? MAC started out under another name, Il Makiage Canada. The original MAC eyeshadows were supreme and lovely. In recent years, I’ve heard many complain that MAC shadows feel hard, less pigmented and simply not what they remember. This is likely due to the 1998 Estee Lauder acquisition, which resulted in MAC having to not only test on animals but switch manufacturers, altering the formulas. You how it goes with acquisitions. They always say things won’t change and they always do. 🙁

When LimeLife by Alcone set about sourcing their shadows, they knew they wanted the original Il Makiage formula and that’s exactly what they did. Since then, they’ve tweaked the formula to be paraben free and have even better blending. Therefore, LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadows are a tweaked version of the original Il Makiage formula.

The LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadows come in singles, palettes of 4, 6 or the 18-shade Feeling is Neutral palette. The palettes are made from recyclable material and are completely refillable. The 4 and 6 well palettes are totally customizable. The price is $12 per shadow, $44 for a 4 color palette ($11 each), $64 for a 6 shade palette ($10.66 each) or $188 for all 18 shades ($11 each).
I’ll warn you; the shade names are pretty eye roll-inducing?

L to R: Ashin’ for Trouble, La Vida Mocha, Avolways Loved You,  High Koala-ty, Ready Jet Set Go, Dial it Black

L to R: Cream Boat, Pineapple of My Eye, Peachy Glam, One Night Sand, Taupe for the Best, A-corkable

L to R: Pastel Me About It, Pink Happy Thoughts, Blush Hour, Antiki Bar,  Coral of the Story, Brownie Points

If you’d like to see some of the shadows in action, I used them in this fall look tutorial.

So how do these shadows stack up to LORAC? To Viseart? To Makeup Geek? I will be completely honest with you. I have never tried a shadow that swatched so richly. One touch and it’s pigment-packed. My favorite formula has been LORAC, which I still adore, but I was truly blown away by the pigmentation of these. You barely have to touch a brush to the surface to get rich pigment and you’ll probably have these forever. This is the Feeling is Neutral palette but all of these colors are available individually in customizable palettes. I really love that they are magnetic and can be switched out, replaced, put into Z-Palettes, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I see a client’s 12-color palette with only 2-3 colors used. This is definitely the less wasteful route.

Pigment 10/10

Blendability 9/10 As with LORAC shadows, sometimes the super-pigmented shadows can be a little harder to move around on the skin because they are so dense but just work light and quick.

Longevity 10/10

Shade Range 8/10: These are almost all universally-flattering and wearable but I’d like to see more burgundies, purples and a more true transition color. I’d also like a few more shimmers, which all appear to be coming as evidenced by this post!

Value 9/10: Each LimeLife single shadow is 2 grams for $12. As a comparison here are a few other brands:
MAC single pro pans: $6 for 1.3 grams
Anastasia Beverly Hills shadow pans: $12 for 1.7 grams
Makeup Geek: $6 for 1.8 grams

Some key takeaways I’d like to leave you with are these:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free
  • Customizable and refillable
  • Super pigment-rich
  • Range of flattering, wearable shades
  • Mostly matte, so great for mature skin and photographs

I highly recommend the LimeLife by Alcone eyeshadows.
Thanks for reading!

Product purchased with my own money. Purchases made through this post will not result in commissions earned.


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