LimeLife Classified Brushes Review

I cannot have enough makeup brushes. No, seriously. Since I do makeup professionally, between my 43 weddings last year, multiple senior picture, headshot and commercial production clients, I bet 50% of my life is dedicated to washing brushes. It’s important for me to have not only enough brushes, but ones that can withstand multiple faces and daily cleanings. LimeLife by Alcone recently phased out their original brush line, replacing it with the Classified Brush Collection.

I purchased the collection and I’ll be giving you my straight up, honest opinion on if you need them, which ones and why.

You can either purchase these brushes individually from $14-$42, or the full set with included brush canister for $280. 

In typical Ivy fashion, I don’t use all of the brushes for what you are “supposed” to. The beauty of synthetic brushes like these though is that you can do that. They can be used interchangeably with liquids, creams and powders. Below I’ll tell you what I like each brush for.

1-Tapered Powder Brush: I like this best for blush and for setting powder*

2-All Over Powder Brush: This is now the BIGGEST brush I own. I don’t use it on clients because it’s almost comically big but could see it being nice for body work. I do use it on myself to set my foundation super quick!

3-Angled Blush Brush: I use this for contour powder and bronzer.

4-Foundation Brush: I normally don’t like this style of flat brush for foundation but for some reason, I do really love this one!*

5-Buffer Brush: I feel like the original LimeLight Buffer Brush was less stiff. I like this for cream blush but not foundation.

6-Concealer Brush: I really love this! It’s triangular shape is awesome for getting right under the eye.*

7-Large Shadow Brush: This is pretty big, and I have big eye balls! I like to use it for laying down a quick all over lid color. I do wish it were a bit denser and flatter.*

8-Dome Blender Brush: This is way too stiff for eye use. I love it to pinpoint concealer on blemishes though.

9-Angled Shadow Brush: I’ve always been confused by this shape of brush. I’ve used it more on small lids to place lid color, particularly at the inner corner. I also like it for a soft shadow on the lower lash line.

10-Pointed Blender Brush: I really like this for applying crease and outer corner color, especially on average to small eyes.*

11-Smoky Liner Brush: I like this for smudging and softening pencil liner and for shadow on lower lash line.

12-Bold Lip Brush: Shape and density-wise, this is my ideal lip brush.

13-Angled Liner Brush: I really love this because it’s so similar to my favorite angled liner brush from Japonesque, but better! It’s especially great for gel liner.*

14-Brow Tamer Brush: I do prefer natural hair brushes for brow powders but I like this for pomades or for using setting spray, then a brow powder.*

15-Bent Liner Brush: this is the only brush I’ve yet to use. I just have never mastered bent liner brushes on myself or others.

*These are the ones I’ve deemed must haves. If you purchased every must-have, it would total $158.00.


  • I’ve experienced no shedding.
  • These are hand made. This is key. Machine-made brushes are the ones I reach for the least and you can truly tell which are machined and which are hand made.
  • Vegan, synthetic fibers that can be used with any makeup formula
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Comfortable in hand
  • When buying the full set, I love the included vegan leather brush canister


  • The spoolie end of the brow brush did come off, which I found odd since I’ve only washed them a few times so far?
  • The set breaks down to about $18.67 per brush. That’s not necessarily super economical.
  • I prefer longer handles as a makeup artist.
  • I wish these looked more luxe. They are a little too similar to the e.l.f. Studio Line to feel high end.

Do I recommend the LimeLife Classified Brushes?
I recommend 7 or 8 of them. I do not recommend you buy the full set unless you are really starting over, simply because there are a few brushes I don’t think the average consumer will ever reach for. You can get the basics I *’ed individually for $158.00 total.











  1. Amanda

    01/20/2018 at 11:20 PM

    Hi Ivy! I’ve been waiting and hoping you would do this review and once again, I love your honesty!!!
    I totally agree that they look just like my Elf brushes and are a bit shorter handled than I prefer! I’m no make-up artist but I am a picky brush person! “You’re only as good as your tools” so they say!!😊

    1. Ivy Boyd

      01/26/2018 at 9:40 AM

      Thanks for reading, Amanda! I’m so glad this review was helpful! I love that quote too 🙂

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