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I introduced you to LimeLife by Alcone in a previous post but wanted to save their skincare for it’s own post. The LimeLife skincare line is cruelty free, doesn’t contain any parabens, harsh chemicals or pthalates. The line has cleansers, moisturizers, masks and boosters. I’ll be rating the products with my system of: love, meh or nope. I haven’t tried everything in the line, but the products specific to my skin type which is dry.


Skin Therapist
Meh. Though not hydrating enough as a daily moisturizer for me, it makes a really nice makeup primer. It absorbs quickly, feels non-sticky and matte on the skin so people with normal skin will like the texture a lot. I’m very dry and want more hydration so I have to add a drop of facial oil to amp it up for my dry skin. I notice it’s very white when you apply it but it goes away once you rub it in. If this just had more hydration, I’d be a big fan.

Skin Polish
Love. It smells like lemon meringue, gently exfoliates and hydrates. This will be my winter mask for sure. The jojoba beads are really gentle and the apricot and lemon peel oils really penetrate the top layers of the skin, leaving my face very soft. I experience no tingling, burning, or tightness, making this an excellent mask for those with more sensitive skin.

Must Dew
Nope. While it shares 6 common ingredients with one of my favorite facial oils ever, is affordable and smells lovely, there is one main issue. It has caused my non-breakout-prone skin to break out twice. I’m talking painful, sore, beneath-the-skin zits on my chin. I am truly so bummed because I love facial oils and this contains so many amazing ingredients. I’m stumped as to why I break out from it but I’ve been using it to moisturize my hands and body instead.

Quench Cleanse
Love. Though it smells a little odd to me, it’s a really nice, gentle cleanser for dry and sensitive types. I like the texture a lot and it only takes one pump. It does a nice job of breaking down makeup without leaving skin tight or dry. If you have dry to very dry skin, I think you’ll love this. As we run the heat more here in the midwest, I’m finding this to be the only cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry.

One Drop Wonder
Love. Everything you need to know about my feelings on this can be found in this post. I will simply say that this has changed my skin for the better and I have to have it in my life now.

All products purchased with my own money. Purchases made through links here will not earn me any commission.


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