Lipstick Queen Smokey Lip Kit

While the term smokey eye is probably searched more than almost any makeup term, I bet you’ve never used the phrase, smokey lip. BeautyBridge asked if I’d like to try some things from their site and the Lipstick Queen Smokey Lip Kit was just too intriguing not to! Plus, I recently listened to a fascinating Fat Mascara interview with the founder of Lipstick Queen, Poppy King and knew I had to get my lipstick-loving hands, and lips, on the line ASAP.

The Smokey Lip Kit comes in 2 shade combos and I got the brighter of the two. The lip color is called Bright Natural Sinner and the smokey lipstick is called Black Lace Rabbit. The set is $35, breaking down to $17.50 per shade. If you like tamer shades, there’s also a set with Pinky Nude Sinner for the lip color instead. If you’re an eBates user, you can earn 5% cashback on BeautyBridge.

Lipstick Queen products claim to be cruelty free but they are not vegan. Disappointingly, in reading over their animal testing policy, I found this: However certain overseas scientific or regulatory authorities may still conduct animal testing of cosmetic products or ingredients to demonstrate safety in accordance with their local legislation. What this is means is that because the product is sold in China, who requires animal testing, they do test on animals.

That being said, Lipstick Queen has Saint and Sinner lipstick formulas. Saints are sheer and contain 10% pigment and Sinners are 90% pigment and opaque. So obviously, I like the Sinners.

I totally love Bright Natural Sinner. It reminds me a lot of the custom shade I created at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab. I can’t do too nude of a lip as it washes me out so this coral-esque nude is just what the doctor ordered. Though the formula is a cream, it still wore longer than I expected and feels moisturizing. The lipsticks contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, olive and sunflower seed oil. The scent is really nice and vanilla-like.

Black Lace Rabbit is the shade that deepens the other color. They say you can wear it solo, which I tried, but it looked kind of weird, almost like my lips were bruised. Black Lace Rabbit has small glitter in it but you don’t see it at much, if at all, once it’s on. I think it could be pretty on deeper skin tones.

I really love Bright Natural Sinner solo. It’s just a beautiful, everyday shade for my yellow skin tone that doesn’t wash me out and adds enough color to give my face some life.

I had to apply a few coats of Black Lace Rabbit to get the deepened effect as seen below.

Overall Thoughts
I really like the Bright Natural Sinner, more than Black Lace Rabbit. I like the idea of deepening your lip shade with a black lipstick or gloss as I showed here once. I won’t be purchasing from Lipstick Queen in the future based on what I found out regarding their animal testing policy while researching this post. That is a bummer because I really like the lipstick formula and colors.

Products provided by BeautyBridge for review purposes. No financial compensation was received and this post does not contain affiliate links, due to the animal testing issue. I chose Lipstick Queen products from BeautyBridge and I wish I could have read into their animal testing policy more thoroughly before doing so.

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