Magic Mushroom Skincare

Mushrooms are one of those foods that you either love or hate. I am in the love category.🍄❤️

Where I live, there are actually mushroom hunters, which always makes me giggle because I imagine people shooting them. They go into the woods in the spring, find them and sell the morels for hefty prices per pound. You coat them with butter and bread crumbs and fry them. Mmm! I also love mushrooms on my pizza and was raised on Mario, who needed mushrooms for power and more lives. Not to mention, Toad, who was adorable, and now that I think of it, a toad stool, which is a bit concerning considering Mario was eating mushrooms and/or punching them. But I digress…

Mushrooms seem to be the hot new skincare ingredient so I’ve rounded up 6 magical mushroom products worth trying out.

For Dark Spots/Hyper pigmentation
LimeLife by Alcone Sotoks
Key shroom: Songyi mushroom
Key benefits: Brightening, lifting, firming

For Sensitive/Irritated Skin

Key shroom: White mushroom
Key benefits: Soothing, anti-inflammatory

For Oily Skin

Key shroom: Snow mushroom
Key benefits: Hydrating, pore-minimizing

Budget Friendly Pick

Key shroom: Snow mushroom
Key benefits: Hydration

For Very Dry Skin

Key shroom: Reishi mushroom
Key benefits: Hydration

For Aging Skin

Key shroom: Silver Ear and Reishi mushrooms
Key benefits: Lifting, plumping

Now that you’re in full-on mushroom mode, please enjoy this amazing short video of Drunk Mario.







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