Makeup Artist Must Haves: Part 1

As a freelance makeup artist, I use a ton of different products to achieve a variety of looks, but rely on a few core mainstays that make my life way easier! Here’s part one of a two-part series on the items I can’t live without and would cry if I forgot to pack in my kit!

1. : A magnetized palette like this allows you to both customize and simplify your kit. I have a designated bridal shadow palette, blush palette, bronzer palette, etc. They’re easy to switch up too!

2. I don’t see any reason to spend more than $3.99 on lip pencils for your kit because these are aweomsb and comparable to pricier versions. My absolute favorite colors are Natural, Nude Beige, Peekaboo Neutral and Mauve.

3Since I use the high-pigment RCMA Color Process foundations (more on those in part 2), I don’t want to set with a powder that adds any addition color or coverage. I prefer translucent and this is a tried-and-true favorite.

4. This is the only eye primer I’ve ever used in my kit, and ever will probably. I love the Eden and Caffeine shades for cancelling out redness and veins. It dries down to a matte finish that prevents shadow from ever creasing.

5. When it comes to a bangin’ contour, for me, there is no other. This creates the most legit shadow known to man. It comes in Light and Dark but I find Medium works for most.

6 This is the one item that clients seem most curious about. These non-porous, acrylic palettes are easy to wear on your wrist and work from instead of your hand. I like the white and black for seeing product’s true color.

7. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray It smells pleasant and it really does lock in your makeup all night.

8.  It takes a little getting used to at first, but this product cuts down my steps and looks amazing on. It’s essentially a brow powder, pencil and gel all in one. I love the precision you can get with an angled brush and they color selection is great. I mostly use Taupe on blondes, Medium Brown on brunettes and mix them too.

9.Fancy French name, amazing hydration! This is an amazing moisturizer that many makeup artists use as a foundation primer. If a client is super dry, this is like kryptonite.

Make sure to read Part 2!


  1. Brianna G. (@brikasiabeauty)

    03/06/2015 at 5:02 PM

    These are pretty much all of my essentials, too! I don’t know what I would do without Embryolisse in my kit!

    1. Ivy Boyd

      03/06/2015 at 8:45 PM

      Awesome! I’m in good company then! I’ll be posting part 2 on Monday. Have you done any posts like this? Would love to see some of your kit faves too!

  2. BeautyLiciousInsider

    03/07/2015 at 9:37 AM

    Your blog is DA!!!!

  3. DishMakeup

    03/17/2015 at 1:51 PM

    Great post(s) on this topic. Trying out a few of your recommendations on my next gig. 🙂

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