Makeup Brushes: Sigmatech

As an abstract painter, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with brushes that only intensified when I started doing makeup. The right brush makes applying makeup so much easier and the results, hella flawless and blended to perfection. Snap, snap! You can’t talk about makeup brushes without talking about Sigma Beauty. I’ve dished on their brushes before and now I want to talk about some new-to-me ones made with their SigmaTech fiber.

About SigmaTech

  • Synthetic fibers engineered to outperform animal hair
  • Picks up and applies creams and powders without absorbing into bristles
  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Will hold original shape even after multiple washes


I am really happy to see companies like Sigma engineering their brush fibers to perform like animal hair, without actually using any. It’s certainly a personal goal of mine to someday have a completely cruelty-free kit. I’ve tried many synthetic brushes, meant to perform like their animal hair counterparts, and they just don’t. But lately, I’m super excited about the innovation I’m seeing, as in SigmaTech.

Not only do these brushes feel even softer than animal hair but their performance is nearly identical. Synthetic brushes tend to stay cleaner and are usually more hypoallergenic as well.


Left to Right

E54 Medium Sweeper I would compare this to a flat shader brush, yet it’s a bit shorter. It works well for packing color onto the lid and light blending.

E32 Exact Blend This dense brush worked well for carefully placing color at the outer corner of the eye, as well as smudging liner and shadow along the lower lash line too!

E35 Tapered Blending Brush I was most curious to see how this brush would compare, being that it feels very soft and synthetic. I was a skeptical that it could apply a soft wash of color in the crease but it really did! It creates a beautifully-diffused look. This brush is my second fave in the group.

F25 Tapered Face This is my favorite of the bunch. Not only is it so soft that you’ll just want to pet it for a few minutes, it has been awesome for applying loose powder to set undereye concealer with it’s tapered shape. It’s so silky soft so I know my clients appreciate that too!

Overall, I’m extremely encouraged by what I’m seeing from Sigma’s SigmaTech line and I’m looking forward to trying more and phasing animal hair out of my kit entirely.

Brushes were sent for review purposes by Sigma Beauty. All opinions expressed are my own. No financial compensation was received nor was a positive review encouraged by Sigma. Post contains affiliate links.

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