Matte Fabulous Palettes

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A good man, and a good matte palette, is hard to find. But don’t chu worry-I got you covered on the palette part. Gosh, I wanted to title this post with so many stupid puns. It seems to be a weakness of mine-cheesy azz punz. Also a weakness of mine? Spelling words with z’s. Matter up! What matters most! Matte-a-tat-tat! Someone slap me.

But seriously though, a matte eye look is modern, photographs beautifully and is a refreshing and unexpected departure from shimmery, glittery shades. If your wedding day is coming up, keep those eyes mostly matte and guests will be raising a glass to you all night.
Here are some really solid matte shadow palettes that I’ve found to be versatile and a good value.

This post is older and most of the palettes pictured above are no longer available. Click the product links below or scroll to the end for newer alternatives!

1.) Kat Von D Ladybird Palette, $36
I became interested in this palette after seeing some major rave reviews on Instagram. It is especially unique given that it is the only matte palette of those featured that has a true purple. The metal packaging feels sturdy and I love how warm the colors are. The shadows contain rose extract,  jojoba oil, cottonseed oil and vitamin E, making the shadows buttery and soft.

2.) Stila In The Know Palette, $39
This was the first matte palette I was truly impressed with. Not only does it have your tried-and-true warm browns, but a great charcoal in Smoke. The Fire color really intrigued me and makes for a beautiful way to warm up a smoky eye or lay down a base shape. Stila’s shadows are excellent quality and great to work with.

3.) Too Faced Matte Eye palette, $36
Too Faced’s shadows rock the house, which I’m sure you already know after my Too Faced Loves Sephora palette posts 1 and 2! I love that this palette has a navy! Yay for navy! It’s a hard shade to find but damn does it look bangin on brown eyes. I wish I had brown eyes btw. Nope. Just dirty green. I also really love the additions of a pale pink, a dove gray-not a charcoal, and a dusty purple too! Yo Too Faced, can we see each other more often?

4.) Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, $27
This was a highly-requested and much-anticipated palette from Urban Decay, meant to complement and partner with their mega-successful Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes. However, they are sneaky because that first color is not truly matte. It does have some shimmer but that’s what makes it a good inner eye and brow bone highlight. I really like the Faint color. It reminds me of tree bark. Crave is described as a black/brown although I think it’s more black than it is brown. The $27 price tag is excellent for 6 quality shadows packaged in a palette smaller than an iPhone. I would describe this palette as the most basic of the matte palettes. True to it’s name! Nothing too edgy here but great for office-appropriate or wedding day looks!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that is was helpful to you. I can’t tell you all enough how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. Thank you, as always <3

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