Cheap concealer and trashy coffee creamer made my May

This month, I’ve purchased masks, hospital-grade disinfectant and a no-touch thermometer but I’ve also been enjoying some fun beauty products again too! These are going to be on the budget-friendly side because ya girl just got off unemployment and back to the makeup game. Hope that’s ok with you.

2 of my favorites this month cost a mere $6 and they’re both available at Target! We love a cheap and chic moment. Let’s get into it.

e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer

I finally found this in my shade, Fair Warm and I’m so glad I did. This may surpass Covergirl TruBlend as my favorite drugstore concealer and it’s only $6.00! I love the coverage, texture, formula and wear. Very impressed, my dudes. I feel like you can’t afford not to try the e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer.

Gua Sha

While I do enjoy a good jade rolling, I feel like I have more control with a gua sha tool. It instantly and visibly reduces puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Don’t believe me? Do one side of your face and compare. The proof is in the pudding. This is a great video for how to use one.

Juno Sponge 

The Juno Sponge is another Target find. I’d been wanting to try it for some time and was delighted to see it was finally available locally. While nothing takes the original beautyblender’s crown for me, I do really enjoy this velvety, $6.00 sponge and will reach for it often.

Pixi Beauty Retinol Oil

I am so grateful to Pixi Beauty for sending this new this oil because as a fan girl of retinol, I was dying to try it. The ingredients definitely differ, and I wouldn’t consider a dupe, but this would be a far more affordable alternative to the $105 Sunday Riley Sleeping Oil.

Non Beauty Favorites

Katy Keene

This CW show is fun to watch and only mildly cringey at times. Think Gossip Girl meets Riverdale. You’re already interested; I can tell. You can watch this on Netflix or the CW app.

International Delight Birthday Cake Creamer

I’ve become quite the coneissuier of trashy coffee creamers. I finished my delicious Peeps creamer just in time to slide this right in.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

I never thought I’d be telling you about a Nintendo game, but then a pandemic occurred and here we are. My husband and I have really enjoyed playing it! He has basically done all of the work in creating our 5 star island and I, admittedly, just love changing my outfits and taking pictures of myself. Gotta get those Nook miles, am I right?!


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