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Beauty brands are like awesome friends. You meet some that are so great, you can’t wait to introduce them to the rest of your group! Well, I’m pleased to introduce my newest friend,  Based in Waverly, Iowa (Midwest represent!), Root makes vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free mineral makeup that is sans fillers and full of pigment and customizable functionality. It is also very affordable, cruelty-free and made in America! I’ve been exploring Root’s products over the past month, as I’ve been creating blog content for them, and much to my mineral makeup skepticism, I am blown away. I want you all to know-if I wasn’t impressed, I wouldn’t be sharing this on my personal blog at all.

It isn’t often that I actually get to meet the founder of a company whose products I use but I had the pleasure of meeting founder Krista Dolash recently. I basically interviewed her over dinner and was so impressed with everything she shared with me. I love that she is extremely picky about every product they sell. I love that she refuses to get her jars from China, preferring to source them here in the US and she’s willing to pay more to do it. I love that when I asked what her big goals were for Root, she didn’t say to make X amount of money, take over the world or be the #1 makeup brand. Krista said her goal is just continue to make great products but also focus and improve upon their existing ones, ensuring they’re top notch before getting ahead of themselves.

I already have some clear Root favorites-things I’ve been reaching for everyday, so I thought I’d share!

1. Eyeshadow in ‘Holland’ This gorgeous champagne pink eyeshadow pigment is a heavenly color that I’ve been using on my lids both wet and dry and as a powder highlighter! It’s like a glass of pink moscato for your face.


2. Mineral Lipstick in ‘Kate’ Thinking of Aveda lipsticks, I worried the Mineral Lipsticks would have a dry feeling, dragging across the lips. Color me wrong. These glide on smoothly, no stickiness or dryness. This color is a warm, muted coral that’s subtle, but makes just enough impact. See it in action in this little Instagram video.


3. Original Bronze Powder This slightly cool-toned bronzer isn’t the slightest bit orange, is totally matte and makes for a pretty and natural contouring powder or even blush! I also can’t get enough of it as a transition color in my crease.


4. Sadie Mineral Blush I love blushes that veer slightly peach and this peachy/pink/coral hue is perfect. It has a small amount of shimmer which I find looks glowing and pretty. I also love pressing this over my lip color. All of Root’s pigments can be used anywhere on the face-totally safe!


5. Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation This was the big wow product for me. I have been notoriously anti-bareMinerals powder foundation. I’ve tried it several times and not only did it make my skin itch and get red but the coverage and wear was always lacking. That being said, I was legitimately scared to try Root’s Pearl Powder. “What if I hate it? What will I say? There’s no way I’ll like this.” I knew from the first application that this was different. Not only did it cover beautifully, even my melasma, but I experienced zero itching, it feels completely weightless, lasted all day and I thought my skin looked, well, beautiful and luminous! It doesn’t look matte and dead and in fact, doesn’t read “powder” at all! You can apply this in so many ways too which is something I love. You can buff it on dry with a flat kabuki brush. You can apply it with a damp Pretty Blender. You can mix the powder with water and apply wet. You can mix the powder with your moisturizer and apply as a cream. The best way is the one that works for the level of coverage you need and I actually think it’s fun mixing up my methods! If you want to see how I found my match with Root’s samples, check out this video!


6. Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner This has a texture that almost reminds me of clay, making it stay on forever and allowing it to be smudged out intially, if desired. It isn’t too slippery or greasy and sets to a totally matte finish.


I suggest checking out if you’re looking for makeup that is natural, affordable, easy and awesome!

This post does not contain affiliate links. I don’t make anything from any of the links here. Root provided product for the purpose of creating tutorials but all opinions expressed are my own, wishbone 🙂


  1. Chelsea

    05/21/2015 at 1:12 PM

    LOVING your new layout girlfran!!

    1. Ivy Boyd

      05/21/2015 at 10:16 PM

      Thank you so much!!

  2. Gwen Gilbert

    10/26/2015 at 5:15 AM

    I know this is an older post, but I’m wondering if you might have input on my BareMinerals mystery. Noticed you mentioned itching, which I definitely experienced with that brand. In most cases, itching is chalked up to the bismuth oxychloride, but I reacted to the matte formula. BM matte is supposedly free of that ingredient.

    At first I thought I might have an issue w/mica or titanium dioxide, but nope. No trouble with Mineral Fusion loose base, which has those two appearing first & third in the ingredients. Sadly, they no longer make this product, so I think I’ll be ordering some Root samples.

    Anyway, did the matte BM also make you itch? If so, any thoughts on a possible culprit? I tend to wonder if their “soil complex” (i.e., mystery dirt) could be to blame. Last time I tried to use it, I didn’t make it 5 min before racing to the sink to wash it off.

    By the way, this is a great blog. The Root products look promising for my newly finicky skin. I’m excited to find a minimal ingredient product that impresses someone that enjoys creating glamorous looks and is familiar with high-end products.

    Often “green” makeup reviews are written by folks that are strictly into an outdoorsy, minimal makeup look. Nothing wrong with that, but doesn’t inform me which products can handle my sloowwwly fading PIH. Your post was a welcome exception.

    How would you compare the finish to the Meow products? Their fullest coverage looks nice, but perhaps more matte than I’m after. The Meow “sensitive” line (pampered) has some glow, but not sure about coverage. Root & Meow are the two brands I plan to try asap. Sorry for the long ramble.

    1. Ivy Boyd

      10/26/2015 at 1:33 PM

      Hi Gwen! That’s really interesting what you shared about the Matte formula. I had only tried the original. I might look through this list of ingredients, as bareMinerals conveniently only lists the “active ingredients” on their website: One other thought I have is that you could be sensitive to the animal hair used in the bareMineral’s brushes or even the brush cleanser you used? Thank you so much for reading and your kind words. I am learning more about natural, safer products but it’s a long journey and I think we all just need to do the best we can. I really like that Root is affordable. I’ve never tried Meow, though I totally love that their foundation shades are named after cats!! I read through their ingredient list and it seems very similar to Root yet at a higher price point. It looks like Meow has a wider shade range for sure. Thank you again for reading and commenting. I so appreciate it! 🙂

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