Reviewing MERIT, the New Clean Beauty Brand on the Block

There’s yet another new clean beauty line on the Sephora block called MERIT.

The brand was founded by entrepreneur Katherine Power, known for brands like Who What Wear, Versed, and Avaline. 

She seems like the person everyone wants to be friends with and I’ve been particularly impressed with what she’s done with Versed.

Currently sold in Sephora, I predict MERIT will eventually be sold in Target due to Powers’ existing relationship with them. You heard it here first.

MERIT sent me 2 of their products to try, plus a bag that reminded of the knapsack thing Davey Crockett carries on a stick.

Merit Clean Lash, $26 Shade Slick in Sangria, $24

Merit Beauty Clean Lash

I’ve tried other “clean” mascaras. Most of them have 2 things in common: they deliver mediocre lashes and smudge easily and quickly.

Merit Clean Lash stands up to life. It withstood workdays and the naps that followed.

It never smudged or flaked and that impressed me right off the bat.

Wearing Merit Clean Lash Mascara

My lashes looked really good. They weren’t “false lash status” but still pretty great for the impressive wear time.

Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil

I love almost all lip oils and a tinted option just makes it even better.

The Merit Lip Oil leaves little room for complaint. It feels nice on, applies well and I really dig the Sangria color. 

However, I will say, that for 0.23 oz., $24 feels unnecessarily high.

I’d also like to see an expanded shade range. If they were to do so, I think it would make a great bridal touch up product for my more natural anti-lipstick brides.


I was pleasantly surprised. I think MERIT makes one of the better “clean” mascaras on the market and the lip oil, though overpriced, is a nice product.

Products provided for review purposes. No compensation received. Post contains affiliate links.


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