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It’s heeere! My Your Name Pro shipment recently arrived, all shrink wrapped and Savanah Jane-d up. First, I let out a little shriek and then began opening the products, swatching, smelling, and verifying. Next, I set aside a portion of the inventory to photograph, some for personal use and the shades I will be using most in my kit. I put those lip colors into a refillable lip palette that allows me to carry all of my shades without having tons of lipstick tubes in my kit.


One thing to note on the lipsticks is that if you’re planning on renaming the shade names, you’ll need to purchase and affix those labels over the default ones on the bottom of the tube yourself. At this time, I’ll just be using the color names as is. Should I want to custom label the shades in the future, I will need to design and print labels and stick those over the current label on the bottom of the tube.


The lip liners were the product I was most blown away by and I am really enjoying those. A few of the colors were a tad different than what I thought, but overall, they’re the best lip liners I have worked with and I love using them in my kit. They are truly waterproof, smooth-applying and vividly-pigmented. They have no scent either so that’s a bonus for me.

In addition to lipsticks, I also ordered Lip Glosses as I find their tube packaging to be most hygienic and offer the most bang for your buck. These are not included in the samplers I tried but I went for them anyway. I inquired about the scent of the glosses and was told they were not minty or vanilla but more fruity. When I smelled them, I was uncertain about their scent, but I’ve gathered feedback from clients who say they don’t smell it once it’s on. This is a testament to starting your line small and seeing what your clients think before ordering more.


Now that you have your product in hand, it’s time to start selling it. You can choose to do this in person or online. I’m viewing the Savanah Jane line as an extension of my artistry business, catering primarily to brides and special event clientele, therefore retailing to them in person 99% of the time. However, I know that a lot of you are curious about setting up an e-commerce site so I’ve set about doing that to show you how that might work. Plus, it will be in place should I find there is a demand within my customer base for online retailing.

Here are the 3 simplest ways to go about setting up an online store:

1. If you already use Squarespace for your website, you can add a commerce page to it or create a completely new online store site.

2. If you already accept payments through Square, they have an online store feature. This is what I’ve chosen as I take all my payments on location via Square and can easily ring up Savanah Jane products in addition to their makeup application.

3. Shopify is one of the more robust options and will offer more tools for those of you who want to experiment more.

You can purchase a domain name and redirect it to your Squarespace or Square store. This is what I did and it works really well.

Once you choose your selling platform, you’ll want to gather your product images. I photographed actual swatches of the lipsticks. Swatch photos are so important for a purchaser and something I personally appreciate when buying makeup online. I also described the colors and noted what their finish was, as in cream, matte or shimmer.

I found that putting together a lip line as large as mine posed some challenges, of course. I didn’t test each shade, so some were not quite what I expected. I suggest starting small with your first order, so as not to become overwhelmed by the amount of options. There is a 96 piece minimum per product packaging type but concentrate on maybe 5 colors to start out, instead of ordering 10+ right out of the gate like I did! I definitely recommend ordering a sampler of the products you’re interested in. You are also able to place 1 piece orders as long as you meet an overall $150 minimum, so I suggest doing just that for the colors you are unsure on.

Another tip is that if you are in the New York metro area, you can make an appointment to visit the Your Name Showroom, which I would highly advise you do. It could save time and money! Your Name Pro also hosts Open Houses, Seasonal Trend Presentations and Master Classes for customers and potential customers across the country so check the schedule to see if there is one near you.

After using my product on clients, I can distinguish which colors I’ll want to definitely order more of. Pink Truffle, Melrose and Enchanting lipsticks are big hits so far! The Naked lip liner is one of those that works on everyone and has quickly become a go-to. I’ve loved using the Bare and Nude glosses to dial down the pink in a color or just create that perfect nude lip that clients ask for.

I hope that this post has been helpful and informative and assists you further in your #PrivateLabel101 journey. Make sure to check back for the last post, showing the Savanah Jane line products in action. I hope you love seeing them on my gorgeous clients as much as I do! Thanks for reading. Smooch!

This post series is sponsored by Your Name Professional Brands. 

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