New Colourpop Faves

I love brands like Colourpop that check all the boxes. What boxes you ask?

  • Affordable
  • Cruelty free
  • American made
  • Good quality
  • Fun vibes

I have worked with Colourpop before and the love is still strong. I took advantage of their Black Friday sale and wanted to share my mini haul with you because I’m loving what I scooped up!colourpop-bf-haulI used the Black Friday sale to stock up on goodies I’ve not yet tried from Colourpop. They’re always putting out new products, collections and collabs so it can be hard to keep up! I didn’t go too crazy but I am really digging what I did grab.
colourpop-brow-pencilI’d never tried Colourpop’s brow products but I’d heard good things so grabbed one. I got Bangin’ Brunette which is dark enough for me and applies really smoothly. It might be just a smidge warm still but for $5, I am totally happy with it.
colourpop-gel-linerI also jumped at the chance to finally try Colourpop’s Creme Gel Colours, adding this matte, deep brown gel liner to my collection. The shade is called Brewhaha and I really love it. A dark brown winged liner is a fresh switch from the usual black. I will say, while I adore the color, the application is nothing noteworthy. It’s not super smooth applying and I felt like I had to use more than usual to get it to glide on opaquely. Again though, for $5, I can’t complain much!
colourpop-lipsI wanted to check out Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks so I picked up the Out and About bundle. The set includes their Ultra Matte Lip in Times Square and Viper and their Ultra Satin Lip in Barracuda.
colourpop-shadowsI love their Supershock Shadows so I of course grabbed Puppy Love and Cat Nap, with 100% of the proceeds going to NKLA. I knew I’d love the sparkly mauve of Cat Nap, but didn’t expect to adore Puppy Love as much as I do. It’s such a beautiful semi-duochromatic peach. As with all Colourpop shadows, finger application is best. I tried a synthetic brush but ended up going the finger route.
colourpop-face-lookdownWearing: Brow Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette, Supershock Shadow in Puppy Love, Creme Gel Colour in Brewhaha, Ultra Satin Lip in Barracuda.
colourpop-faceIf you need affordable gifts for beauty lovers this holiday season, Colourpop is where it’s at. Might I suggest their value sets? I hope you enjoyed this lil baby haul and the look. Ya’ll come back now!

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