November Favorites

Now that we are done Black Friday-ing and Cyber Monday-ing, it’s back to makeup and skincare as usual.

This will be my last favorites post until one of the most fun ones, the best and worst products of the year.

For some reason, I look more forward to the worst products. I started my list many moons ago and we’ll get to it soon, but for now, here are my November favorites!

I have dry skin so I love using oil cleansers, especially in the winter. My skin can’t bear to have any moisture or oil stripped from it due to harsh cleansing agents. I’ve tried many oil cleansers and from Glo Beauty is now right up with my favorite from Derma E. I love the thinner consistency of this one compared to others I’ve tried and the scent is so nice. This leaves my skin free of makeup, soft and hydrated.

Lash Lift and Tints
I’ve been faithfully applying castor oil to my brows and lashes. I last had a lash lift in June.
5 months later, I had another and the difference was truly dramatic. My lash artist noticed, my husband, everyone!
This is the 5th keratin lash lift and tint I’ve had at Lash Love Beauty Bar and I can honestly say, this is the best they’ve ever looked. The best part of all is that they are all mine!

I ordered this during their Black Friday sale and I am so glad I did. It is one of the most comprehensive and complete palettes I’ve seen. Honestly, the only thing I would change is swapping out the black shadow for a very dark brown and a brighter blush. It it so well-suited to created a flattering, everyday look and all the formulas are very high quality, smooth and easy to work with.

Kaskade Christmas
As you might know, I absolutely love electronic music. Kaskade is a DJ that I’ve seen several times and who has stood the test of time. Whatever he does, it’s always good. This Christmas album is no exception. I wasn’t even in the holiday spirit and once I started playing this, I was suddenly decorating the house. It’s literally the perfect Christmas album for me and would make such a cool soundtrack for your holiday party.

Code of Harmony Glo-Berry Glistening Skin Oil Serum
I’ve talked about this before here. After washing my face, I apply eye cream, a serum and then this. When I apply makeup on top, it looks just that much better thanks to the natural luminosity of the oil and it’s natural mica. For dry skin, this is such a great quick fix for dewy, glowing skin.

Non Beauty Faves

Watching: The Staircase
Listening to: Kaskade Christmas
Eating: Daily Harvest
Drinking: Kombucha

See ya next month for the big one!

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