NuMe Curling Wand Review

I’m the beholder of thick, heavy, long hair but zero motivation to do anything with it. When I get it done, I think it looks amazing, but it’s always taken far too long with a curling iron-as in 30 minutes-plus it never lasts. Until now. I grabbed the at TJ Maxx one rainy night out shopping with my mom. I’d of course seen Instagrammers and YouTubers reference NuMe but ruled out most curling irons out as my hair just seems too labor intensive for them. The first time I used my , I knew I’d found the hidden gem. Why had no one told me that a wand was all I needed to have cool girl hair like the rest of them?!?Simply put, is going to speed up your routine. The heats up to 410 degrees and fast. I only hold each curl on the wand for 5-7 seconds. If it sounds a little too powerful, NuMe’s tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel puts out negative ions that add shine. You subject your hair to half the heat time as it’s at least twice as fast as a traditional curling iron. It’s infrared heat technology heats hair from the inside making it quick and creating curls that truly last through the night and next day too! The most lasting technique I have found is to wrap the hair while doing what Sam Villa calls “check your pulse, check the time.” This involves shifting your wrist each time. Watch his YouTube tutorial if you need more guidance as I can’t justify his mastery here. The comes with a heat resistant glove which you’ll definitely want to use. Being that this is a 1″ wand, you’ll want to wrap about 1″ sections of hair around the wand, wait 5-7 seconds, release the curl into the palm of your gloved hand and hold for a few seconds to allow the curl to cool into shape. Don’t let the curl drop down right away. After you’ve curling all of your hair, you can break up the curls with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. I used to be afraid to destroy my handiwork doing this but these curls actually keep their shape! I like to set with a light hold hairspray like Aveda Air Control or Ogx Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray. This is how my hair looks when curled with the and loosened with a wide tooth comb. It’s crazy to say this, but I can actually wear this style for 2 days and that is unheard of for my hair. I live in Iowa where it’s humid AF so for my hair to hold curl like this? Mind blowing. I think I’ll be grabbing the larger next for when I want more of a blowout effect. I am so glad I finally saw the curling wand light! I can finally style my own hair and feel like a boss. Ok not like a total boss, but like, a baby boss. Thanks for reading and I hope this post is helpful to those of you that also have the hair of 4 people that refuses to be curled.





  1. Janine Markham

    09/30/2016 at 2:47 PM

    I have the 35mm NuMe wand and it is awesome. It does really work at giving you that extra volume and loose waves. Only thing is is I would say just hold the curl in your hand for a bit longer than you would with smaller barrels just to keep the wave there extra long.

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