NYX Lip Creams


“I might get your heart racing, in my skin-tight jeans, with NYX lip creams tonight.” Haha, sorry. Teenage Dream all I can hear in my head now. You should probably listen to it now while you read this post actually! 🙂

NYX makes some really cool lip creams I wanted to tell you about.
The soft matte lip creams have a really cool matte finish and unique colors.
 I like to use these matte lip colors with more dramatic, shimmery eyes to keep the focus on the eye makeup.

The Xtreme lip cream isn’t matte and has more of a traditional gloss finish. It is a natural gloss though and nothing too sticky or shiny.


The color Istanbul is one of my favorites. It’s a very pretty pale pink with cool undertones. I am wearing it in my Gold Lightning post


San Paulo is a really great hot pink/fuchsia tone.


Buttery Nude is a gorgeous nude color with less pink in it than some nude glosses. I like that about it and use it with a more pink lipliner for the perfect nude lip. I am wearing it in my bio photo on my About Me page with a NYX jumbo lipstick pencil in Fuchsia.

NYX cosmetics are sold at ULTA where I buy them. We do not have CVS here but I think they sell NYX there as well. Of course you can always buy NYX products online



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