October Favorites: Peptides + RBG

Hey, remember when I was like, omggg August was so craaaazy?
Yeah. October was like that…times 2.

Weddings, Halloween makeup, political makeup, throwing a baby shower, lots of birthdays, doing makeup on a hog farm (one got loose!) and more weddings. But you guys. It’s all good, really.

I celebrated 7 years of blogging this month and I’m so proud of that. Not only proud, but grateful. Thank you, seriously, for continuing to show up. This blog remains the party that I worry no one will come to and yet, you still do. Make sure you enter the giveaway in my thank you post!

Now onto my favorites!

I’ve been using pretty faithfully over the past month and I’m seeing results. Though I can’t always put my finger on why, my skin just looks healthier. If you aren’t familiar with peptides, I like to think of them as the boss and your skin as the team of employees. Peptides tell the team, hey everyone, let’s really ramp up that collagen production this month! Whaddaya say? I’m giving bonuses to whoever can get our friends keratin and elastin in ship shape too!⁠

Glossier Future Dew

This was love at first swatch. Glossier’s new oil serum hybrid, Futuredew is really unlike any other product I’ve tried. It adds a visible sheen to the skin, via the oily texture but also microfine shimmer particles. Futuredew is meant to be applied last in your skincare routine, just before makeup and it subtly shows through foundation for a beautiful, lit within glow. Read original review here.

I totally didn’t expect to reach for this as much as I have! I didn’t think it would be as versatile as it is, seeing the golds first. I’ve been using almost every shade and the quality is truly beautiful. Way to go, Urban Decay. The is super sweet.

Haus Labs Lip Products

Even though my Haus Laboratories order initially got lost, once it finally arrived, I found that I really enjoy the line, especially the lip products.

iPhone pic of the Haus Labs gloss and liner on.

The Le Riot Lip Gloss in Venus is a great rosy mauve on me and when I line with the accompanying RIP Lip Liner in Myth, it’s just such a flattering combo that I’d wear it anytime, without a doubt.

While I’m not a dry shampoo user, nor do I use much, if any product in my hair, I still used the to the last drop. My hair is heavy and has a tendency to feel dirty quickly. This makes it feel fully clean. I make sure to follow with my .

Non Beauty Favorites

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This year’s Halloween look was not sparkly, nor spooky, but totally inspiring feminist icon, 86 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I loved learning more about her in the movie On The Basis of Sex and was so touched by the equality seen in she and late husband Martin’s marriage. I enjoyed doing aging makeup on myself and getting a peek of the future.

It’s no secret I’m pro nap. I take naps whenever I can, but I’m a fussy little baby who needs total silence (no white noise even!) and total darkness. I don’t want to crush my eyelashes with traditional sleep masks so I love how cushy is from Manta. It puts no pressure on your eyes or lashes and can switch out the eye pads. I definitely want to get the hot compresses for winter. Unlike other sleep masks I’ve tried, this one doesn’t rip my hair out with it’s enclosure.


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    11/11/2019 at 11:33 PM

    Also very pro-nap. Getting that eye mask NOW.

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