Ogx Moroccan Surf Paste Review

Each week, I receive a range of beauty products to try, including a fair amount of hair products. I can’t always use them myself, depending on what hair type they are intended for. When I received the OGX Moroccan Surf Paste, I immediately thought of my darling husband. He is a huge fan of the Aveda Men ‘pure-formance ‘ Grooming Clay and I think it serves him very well. His hair alway looks really nice and I like how matte the grooming clay is. However, it’s $25 and he always seems to run out when I’m nowhere near an Aveda salon to grab it for him. I asked him to guest review here on Wake Up For Makeup and give a more affordable alternative a go.

aveda-grooming-clay-surf-pasteThis is Jake. He’s 33 and has taken on the task of being married to me, first of all, and second of all, trying out the OGX Moroccan Surf Paste. He has thick hair that is on the coarser side and he likes to wear his hair pushed up with product in the front. He doesn’t like a wet or gel-like look.

surf-paste-mensThe picture above makes me smile. I had to say something inappropriate to get this laugh. Jake styled his hair with the Surf Paste in these photos.

When I asked Jake his thoughts on how the Surf Paste was going for him, this is what he had to say: “I’ll use it everyday. It’s a little more wet than Aveda, but that’s ok. Gel is the worst so nothing is that bad.”

I asked him if he’d describe the finish as more shiny than the grooming clay to which he replied: “Maybe a bit but I typically have damp hair after getting out of the shower. We will see about the hold too. Gotta keep me pretty all day.”

Jake didn’t know the retail value of the Surf Paste but adds that: “I mean, if I walked into a store and the Aveda was $30 and the other was $10, I would buy the $10 one.” From my point of view, you get 2.5 oz. of product with the Aveda Grooming Clay for $25.00 but 4 oz. of the OGX Moroccan Surf Paste for less than a third of the cost, $8.00.

As for the scent, I will chime in there and say that he smells amazing! He always smells nice, which he accredits to Old Spice Pure Sport, but the Surf Paste has certainly not been a downgrade in the scent department. Aveda Grooming Clay smells nice too, but it’s definitely more of an herbal scent, albeit a bit more masculine.

This leads me to believe that the Surf Paste is a suitable dupe for the Aveda Grooming Clay, with some textural  and finish differences of course.ogx-surf-pasteOh and this post is in no way affiliated with Bose but I think if you ask Jake, he’d highly recommend their audio equipment 🙂 Thanks for reading and let me know if there are other men’s grooming products that you’d like Jake’s opinion on. He’s pretty cool <3


  1. Kathy Hollen

    05/29/2017 at 1:19 PM

    Yikes! Why are you discontinuing Moroccan Surf Paste? I finally found something that works! PLEASE bring it back! I won’t pay $35 and up for 4 oz. though; come on—get real!

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