Organizing Beauty Products with Gordmans

As you might imagine, I have an excessive amount of beauty products. Something you may not have guessed, but would quickly find out if you asked my husband, is that I am…not tidy. A makeup mess is my favorite kind and when I work, I make a tornado-like beautiful disaster.

All that being said, it’s not ideal to continue wading through bins of makeup and brushes so when Gordmans asked if I’d like to work on a post together, I thought, let’s organize my makeup room, shall we? Gordmans sponsored this post and provided the products shown in this post.

I love mixing different white textures so I picked up the 2 canisters in the back from Gordmans, intended for baking supplies I think, filled them with vase filler rocks and used them to store my makeup brushes.
You could also use these to store cotton balls or hair ties too. Definitely explore the home decor section and think outside the box for ways to repurpose non-traditional items for makeup storage.

The acrylic organizers in front actually come as a 2 part set that can be stacked or arranged side by side as I have them. Because they are transparent, you can easily see the products you’re looking for. These types of organizers are my favorite for displaying lip products so that I can easily grab the shade I want before heading out the door.

This is an item you won’t find in the Gordmans beauty section, but rather, in the kitchenware aisle. This is actually a dish drying rack that I’ve repurposed as a palette organizer. I like that it has wide spaces in the front and back for your thicker palettes.

The cute little aloe plant is from Gordmans home decor section. For someone with 2 naughty cats who bite everything, this is the perfect plant for me. No special care required and it adds a little greenery to my makeup room.

I also got this rotating pencil cup for storing eye liners. Because it spins on the square base, I can access the one I want quickly. I especially like how it’s divided into 4 sections for grouping by color or brand.

Gordmans has a fairly robust selection of one of my favorite affordable lines, NYX. I picked up a few of their products shown above and below while I was shopping for organization items because I can never resist. How typical that I set out to organize my already large collection and actually ending up growing it in the process?!

Anyways, I am who I am. The NYX single matte shadows are a really great formula and as you can see, I’m a huge fan of the warm tones. The top shade, the light tan, is called ‘Blame it On Midnight’ and makes for an excellent crease/transition shade if you need one. I used it in this tutorial.

A few more of my favorite NYX products are their HD concealer and Butter lipstick. I haven’t tried the Full Throttle lipstick but I grabbed some because I’ve heard it’s super long-lasting and I want to put it to the test! I was excited to find it at Gordmans.

Gordmans has makeup brushes too and I needed a new oval brush so it was perfect timing! I also grabbed NYX Pin-Up Tease mascara as it’s one of their mascaras I haven’t tried yet.

Extra tips for organizing beauty products with products found at Gordmans

  • Ice cube trays for storing single shadows
  • Cute coffee mugs as brush cups or to hold eyeliners
  • Silverware drawer organizers for lipsticks and liners
  • Decorative trays for your storing your most used products

Just a heads up that Gordmans will be having an anniversary event on July 21st. You can win a gift card to go wild with at the event by entering here on their Instagram account.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas about how to organize your own beauty stash and next time you’re at Gordmans, you’ll be armed with a plan!

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