What has made me smile during the pandemic

The other day, I thought to myself, “I wish I’d been journaling throughout this pandemic.” Then I realized, I have been.

It has been through these monthly favorites posts that I have inadvertently recorded my feelings during a worldwide pandemic, while living in one of the worst places for it, Iowa.

Let’s not forget that my job (makeup artist) is to literally touch people. Try staying 6 feet apart. They don’t make brushes that long.

Gazing off my deck, thinking about what a time to be alive it is.

Through these favorites posts, I’ve been able to share how I was processing temporary job loss, my erratic sleep schedules with no sense of time, some beauty products thrown in.

I wish I hadn’t stopped favorites posts after May, but to be honest, I didn’t feel excited about beauty products during the months that followed. I didn’t feel excited about anything.

I didn’t know, if you’d want to know…about beauty products, or how I felt. I didn’t know, if it was appropriate, to write about such trivial things.

So today, I’ll tell you about what I’ve been enjoying over the past few months, and none of the items are beauty products. These are just a few of the things that got me through the past 3 months.

I’ll do a beauty favorites again soon, but for now, this is just my real life.

So, without further ado, please enjoy this photo dump of moments from the past 3 months, straight from my iPhone 11 camera roll.


Lesser Evil Popcorn
This is just some positively delicious popcorn. There’s nothing else to say. Get some for your next movie night.


La Croix Limoncello

This flavor is really something. Dare I say; it’s my favorite flavor yet? I don’t know if it’s limited edition for summer but just go grab some in case because it’s that damn delicious. I’m drinking one right now as I type this. I actually got up, went to the fridge and opened one because it sounded so good.

Listening to

Euphoria soundtrack
After finishing and loving HBO’s Euphoria, I continue to enjoy it via the soundtrack. I love the way the show used makeup and music to create their own unique culture.


Black is King
Beyonce newest visual album is a must watch. Black is King, available on Disney+ is visually, audibly, aesthetically stunning. I’ve watched it twice and left feeling so inspired both times. Every single scene is like a work of art.

Skin Decision
I’ve always been pretty anti-Botox/fillers. This show has shifted my perspective. It has shown the way that these can be used artistically and subtly. Don’t worry mom; no plans for me! I’m just glad to see others find healing through these treatments, especially after trauma.

Laughing at


This video made me genuinely LOL in these dark times. “I know you’re going to want to wait it out but…” Much appreciated.


As soon as I saw the brush on this , I thought, “what in fresh hell is this?” and it only got worse from there. If you want a mascara that dumps an absurd of product onto your lashes, overwhelms them and makeup them morph into 4 large lashes, then you should definitely buy Lash Freak.

Yes they sent it to me and yes they’ll likely stop now.

And yes I’m PMSing.

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