Paula Dorf Aztec City Palette Look + Review

While grocery shopping recently, the cashier complimented my burgundy eye makeup. She then bashfully said, “I only wear neutrals and browns on my eyes. I’m really boring.” I hear this a lot and I quickly assured her that neutrals aren’t boring at all! That with a few shades of tan and brown, you can create tons of looks and that most often, that’s what I wear too!


The Paula Dorf Aztec City Palette is a great example of neutrals with a hint of excitement. The palette contains 5 colors: A pale, shimmery white, a slightly duochrome blue-green shimmer, a lilac-tinged pale mauve with silver microglitter, a matte fawn brow and a matte espresso brown.


I created an eye look that is mostly neutral, with an unexpected pop of color. I used all 5 shadows in the palette-my favorite shades being the light mauve and espresso brown.


I paired this lid look with the Paula Dorf Lash Color in Teal. I don’t like colored mascaras on top lashes typically, but love them for bottom lashes! Watch the tutorial video to see how I created this simple look!


When working with the Aztec City Palette, I noted that the shadows are not exceptionally-pigmented. I’m picky about that and when it comes to eyeshadow, I crave the texture of velvety butter and intense pigmentation with one touch. Sadly, that wasn’t my experience with this particular palette. However, there is a total silver lining here. I’m judging this palette as a 30 year old makeup maniac/freelance makeup artist. That being said, if you’re a true beginner with eyeshadow and are afraid of getting carried away, these are buildable, forgiving  and easy to use! The texture and pigment allow you to build slowly and softly, until you have the intensity you’re looking for.

I’d love to a see a young girl start with a palette like this. For a 13 year old+ who is just starting to experiment with makeup, while we can all appreciate a Naked palette, there are many color choices in there that I simply wouldn’t trust a preteen with. The shadows in those palettes are heavy on pigment and a young girl could get more out of control than their duck-faced selfies.

If I had a young daughter curious about makeup, I’d totally start her with this. I’d show her how to work bit by bit, only adding more as needed. These colors won’t overwhelm their face and the blue is a fun, youthful touch!


I liked the color of the teal mascara, but I had issues with the formula. It seemed dry and deposited color, but little else in the way of volume or length. That is why I’d reserver it for bottom lash use only and do at least 2 coats to get the intensity needed.

If you’d like to try Paula Dorf out for yourself, or have a young girl on your Christmas list who this would be perfect for, click here to order and make sure to use code TEAL to get the Lash Color in Teal for free!


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  1. Ashley

    12/02/2014 at 9:28 AM

    So pretty, babe- and that teal on the bottom lashes makes your eye color POP! 🙂


  2. Judy H.

    12/06/2014 at 5:27 PM

    Wow! What a pretty “popped” natural look. The teal mascara is gorgeous although I think I’m a bir too old for that. I would love to know what you used on your lips. They look so moist and perfectly colored.

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